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[Notice] Server Connection Failure Notice   [28]

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    Hello everyone, this is Natara.


    Today, many people are suffering from unstable access, and you may be wondering why this is happening.

    In order to answer this question, we would like to share what Blustone is currently experiencing and how we'll deal with this henceforth.

    Today, around 3:20pm (GMT+9) Blustone server started receiving DDos attacks.

    A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. This causes malfunction or paralyzation to the server in a way that makes users unable to use our service normally.


    The server team immediately caught up with these symptoms shortly after the problem occurred and did everything possible to normalize the server.

    Fortunately, we confirmed the area that was being attacked and now we are in the process of safeguarding it twice and the third time to prevent this from occurring again.

    We will normalize the server as soon as this process is complete and through a push notification, we'll guide users when they are able to use our service again. 


    We cannot forgive any acts with the intention to malfunction our service and also to prevent other good users from accessing our game by all means. We, VisualShower, will find out who has caused this incident by all possible means. Through the global legal team, we will take legal action and the person will be held responsible for the damage caused.


    However, besides this fact, we are fully aware that we are responsible for failing to provide normal service to all other users for long time.

    We promise to normalize the service as soon as possible and we will give maintenance compensation to all users after the normalization of the service considering the inconvenience caused by the long server inspection.


    Thank you.

    • Nishino 2018.02.28 22:15
      Weird how the DDOS came exactly one day later that Taiwan kid got banned eh? hehehehehe
    • Smyley 2018.02.28 22:35
    • FatherVinh 2018.03.01 13:12
      My thoughts exactly lel
    • Dreday 2018.03.02 01:32
      Lol OH
    • Dylas 2018.02.28 22:16
      Thanks Natara for the update, I hope
      this gets resolved soon.
    • UrielSR 2018.02.28 22:18

      thanks for the info and the hard work, gg

    • AriesG 2018.02.28 22:30
      Thanks, i was wondering what was going on.
    • Smyley 2018.02.28 22:35
      Thank you for your hard work
    • BonkersRabbid 2018.02.28 23:06
      Glad to hear that and rip me for fc tickets refreshes but still i am happy to see fast responses to problems from you guys. You really are making huge progress.
    • Zero0028 2018.02.28 23:15
      Hope it gets fixed soon
    • Sean007 2018.02.28 23:27
      You all are amazing! I appreciate how you keep us players informed so well. You provide a fun game with EXCELLENT support!
    • Siden 2018.03.01 01:10
      Thanks for update, was wondering why I was having trouble logging in. Also friends that I had all disappeared .
    • Esgalawarden 2018.03.01 05:43
      Thx for the hard work. We will stay with the game. And this is show us how big is this game now. The hackers usualy aim big companies with big gamer base. And we are stay becouse this game is awesome!
      Thanks Vs.
    • PwndBot 2018.03.01 06:56
      Good luck having any protection against DDoS attacks. As a new player liking the game so far, I'll be hard pressed if this nonsense continues.
    • DeathGun47 2018.03.01 09:10
      Okay I understand the situation now thanks and I hope you never have any other problems going forward.
    • Rhys2074 2018.03.01 09:40
      Don’t blame yourselves, it’s cool
    • Kappersnapper 2018.03.01 11:34
      Gee, well thanks for making me lose the 28th February login bonus for the 300 day anniversary! Now we can never get all the login bonuses to get the extra 60 Manda!

      Seriously though, I thought I lost my account since it told me that "Account Information is unavailable" every time I tried to log in the past 3 days! Thank goodness it was resolved!
    • Tatsmato 2018.03.01 15:56
      Thank you for the update
    • FatherVinh 2018.03.01 16:36
      When you guys find out who it is, send them a bunch of bronze mats and Karls please
    • USER21C2A4 2018.03.01 16:41
      I deleted the app and redownloaded it back and I lost all my progress
    • Mittoju 2018.03.01 20:30
      Bind your account so you will not lose it again
    • USER1C09E 2018.03.02 00:28
      I tought I had my account linked through Google, but I lost all my stuff when I re downloaded the game. Is there any way to get my account back?
    • Haru0 2018.03.02 00:35
      How can i recover lost account?
      My account name was: Fenrir0 lvl.37
      After delete and reinstalling the game i lost all progress.
      PS. It’s possible to get my account back?
    • Katte 2018.03.02 01:26
      I thought it was my tablet so I uninstalled the game. Luckily, I still have my account. Thank you for telling us about what happened in the situation, VisualShower. Hopefully, it'll never happen again.
    • Sungriffen 2018.03.02 05:43
    • Erroring 2018.03.02 06:26
      2 day my real account cant login i want to play so much plz :(
    • kushgod 2018.03.02 07:33
      I realize that you guys were attacked and it shows you need a better firewall
    • DrowDrizzt 2018.03.02 08:56
      Hello, I wasn’t able to recover my old account and made a new account because of this. Can you merge my 2 accounts? The other one was Maco9382. Thanks!

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