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[Notice] About Blustone 2 iOS Update   [26]

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    Hello, Natara here.


    Currently, Blustone 2 version update is under the iOS verification process. However, for some reason, the verification process is taking much longer than usual, and therefore Blustone 2 upgrade for iOS is being delayed.


    We have never expected this to happen, and currently, we are not aware of the exact causes of this delay.
    We will give out another notice next Tuesday about the iOS verification process.


    We are very well aware that many iOS users are eagerly waiting for Blustone 2, and we will put our best efforts to make Blustone 2 available as soon as possible. If the verification process finishes during the weekend, we will have it ready for the update immediately.


    Also, we would like to compensate all the iOS users for the inconvenience with the following compensation rewards.


    <Reward Detail>
    - 30,000 rupees
    - 200 fuel
    - 50 Manda


    We will strive to provide a better service.


    Thank you.

    • Jng 2018.11.23 18:32
      Really appreciate the acknowledgement more than anything :)

      Concerned with how the delay could &/or will affect iOS users regarding events/event rewards, 48 hour ‘vetting’ process for guilds, etc...

      Thank you for trying :)
    • Nazure 2018.11.23 18:42
      Noted. Thanks. Shall enjoy a little bit handicap.

      rip iOs
    • Fukurama 2018.11.23 22:09
      RIP iOS users; may they get the update soon :(
    • Ghost777Jamr 2018.11.23 23:47
      Apple verification is killing us IOS users
    • Bransk 2018.11.24 00:47
      Also my game crashes when I try to go past area 190. I can’t farm for gold items for my characters. It’s making it difficult to skill train some of my characters.
    • Scyrnn 2018.11.24 02:23
      That's bc 190 was the level cap before the update, and since iOS hasn't had the update, there r no levels past 190 available which is why the game crashes (for iOS, I'm assuming u hav iOS since android has these levels^^)
    • Bransk 2018.11.24 04:08
      Thanks I appreciate it. It’s unfortunate that I can’t farm for those gold items anymore.
    • Morphius1980 2018.11.24 01:46
      Thanks for the update. I’m looking forward to the update. Also I want to add that currently I’m not able to go past “Deep into the Matron Abyss” without the game crashing. I know I’m way past this point in the game but for some odd reason I can’t go any further. I’m sure this update might have something to do with it.
    • NocturnaI 2018.11.24 05:14
      I don’t know if it’s because I’m ios or if the new events are broken. The 7 day mission rewards don’t allow you to claim them neither does the manda spending event.
    • JLew1415 2018.11.24 10:33
      Same problem I’m having. I can’t claim the rewards.

      Also I can’t see new missions since the server maintenance. And it looks like the levels were changed around?
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.11.24 12:36
      I was able to claim the mission rewards for days 1 and 2 but when I attempt to claim the event point rewards the buttons won’t work.
    • INKpng 2018.11.25 01:58
      I'm having this problem as well. I can accept the basic rewards for the daily missions but I can't cash in my points for the other rewards.
    • HaydonRich 2018.11.25 02:09
      I’m having similar issues. I can’t collect rewards which means I can’t complete requirements for events.
    • Ali- 2018.11.26 13:08
      I feel your pain brother
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.11.24 08:20
      I suppose that in the future, updates shouldn’t coincide with holiday weekends. The day before thanksgiving ppl are flying and driving to family gatherings, then Black Friday and cyber monday :/ live and learn.
    • Gildartss 2018.11.24 21:09
      losing the fun in the game as an ios user...
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.11.25 15:21
      Lol your fun sounds fragile ;)
    • VatanenZ 2018.11.25 22:42

      thx for at least relying some information about the why's.
      In general you are doing a great job towards the game.

      That being said, I do not find the compensation to be anywhere close to getting myself towards feeling compensated.

      If you have a major update including game-breaking changes such as guilds, new levels, new heroes, you will need to be on the front of things from the very beginning.
      Especially building or even just joining an adequate guild becomes near impossible for higher level players at a certain timeframe. Say you have lost 1 week. Does not sound much, may be exponential in effect though, as the 1 week advantage is hardly able to be overcome if a) people are already in guilds and you are still building yours or b) you want to join a guild and that one is already closed.

      For my part I planned on building a great guild with end level play - but now I do not see that happening.

      My motivation is REALLY down in the dumpsters.

      You should have blocked guilds for everyone as soon as a great part of the community was left out. Now do what? Give everyone the same advantage that anyone who is in a top tier guild and plays at max and has invested a lot to boost that guild? Wouldn't be fair towards those people.

      Anyways 50 manda - is nothing - consider multiplying the compensation by 5 times and it still wouldn't be fair for those left behind - but it would at least suggest that the understanding is there, that this is a MAJOR screw up and not just a small bug.

      Thx in advance and pls do something else apart from what you already tried.
    • SONNYxq 2018.11.26 00:52
      Give this man a cookie!
    • noxturnal 2018.11.26 03:45
      i agree with this however i also understand the other sides and they’re doing what they can. hopefully the team will examen the gal between ios and other players before and after the update, but any compensation i am grateful for. does it seem like enough? certainly not, but i still enjoy the idea that they’re trying
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.11.26 04:40
      I assumed that we would receive this compensation multiplied by however many days the update was delayed. However, when it didn’t come at the end of the last two days I did feel pretty irritated. With all the glitches happening in the game since the update it is ponderous why the guilds were left open and the events not fixed for days. I can’t pretend to understand what things are like on the game designers side of this but I have never seen so much frustration and bitterness in the game before now. As a person who prefers to stay positive and truly have fun playing around it has been upsetting to see players slowly boiling over and complaining more than enjoying themselves.
    • noxturnal 2018.11.26 03:42
      does anyone have a picture of day four for the captain’s mission event? ios isn’t supporting the text for it:(
    • Ali- 2018.11.26 13:03
      Yea it sucks I can’t get the rewards for “use of manda” page or the rewards for the EP points in the 7-day mission page
    • FS_Shike 2018.11.27 01:09
      In addition to not being able to receive Experience Point Rewards and Manda Use Rewards, all the Captains Missions aren’t available. For example items in the Rupee Shop, Mirage Shop, and Fight Shop aren’t recognizing my purchases and not opening the event rewards. This is just one example all of the missions are not recognizing once they are done.
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.11.27 09:20
      Raindrops keep fallin' on my head, but that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red, cryin's not for me, ‘cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin' because I'm free.. nothin's worryin' me.

      It won't be long till happiness steps up to greet me.
    • Rougeboss-15 2018.11.27 15:21
      Thank you for the heads up

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