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[Notice] iOS Delayed Update Notice   [12]

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    Hello, it’s Natara here.


    Blustone 2 (VER. has still not passed the iOS verification process as of November 27th 11 AM.


    We deeply apologize to all iOS users who are eagerly waiting for Blustone 2 update.


    Currently, we do not have the response about the actual cause for this delay, and therefore, it is difficult for us to let you know about the exact date of the update.


    We are well aware of the fact that many users are eagerly waiting for the update, therefore, we promise to make our best efforts to make Blustone 2 available soon.


    Also, we will make sure that no iOS user to end up being unfairly rewarded from the events.


    Here are the details about the revised rewards to compensate for the delay and your inconvenience.


    <Reward Detail>
    - 50,000 rupees
    - 300 fuel
    - 100 Manda


    We will continuously give you notice until the iOS update is complete.


    Thank you.

    • Ghost777Jamr 2018.11.27 17:06
      I havent received any compensation of this 2 Reward Details

      Update this Reward Compensation now recieved but the 1st compensation didnt

      Thanks More Power Blustone
    • Gildartss 2018.11.27 18:16
      Same like me
    • Nazure 2018.11.27 18:54
      - 50k rupees: yay, we all need rupee...
      - 300 fuel: so so. free fuel can be use to clear new-stage; but still folks normally don't really in-need of fuel (which can be bought and given out freely daily)
      - 100 manda: oh yeah, thanks anw.... (Not enough for single 10+1 pull but whatsoever....)

      overall: thks for the update news, Narata. The game is for long run anw... i'm fine waiting more for incoming stuff in future. No problem......

      rip iOs OTL
    • ZeroSkyes36 2018.11.27 20:11
      Will the event bugs at least be fixed before the iOS update? I still can’t even claim my rewards for spending 2.1k manda over here, whenever I click the accept button nothing happens, same with the points reward for the 7-day mission, can’t claim the 50 manda, metron crystals nor the trainers.
    • RedWolfRod 2018.11.28 01:19
      Listen, first of all, I appreciate your attitude.
      I do mind that we aren’t enjoying the update and I am annoyed that my progress in the game was hindered because of this, but, IN MY OPINION, there’s no problem if we get the chance to complete the event later and get THE SAME rewards as all of the other players. I don’t want compensation. I want the event! I want fairness.
      My issue with this compensation is that we’re gonna miss this event and that will be it. You’ll say we were compensated for it and move on. I truly hope that doesn’t happen. If we do end up having the opportunity to get the rewards for the launch event, it won’t bother ME that is delayed, but I also suspect some more competitive players might be in fury.

      Mistakes happen... I hope VS learns from it and plan better the next update so all user can enjoy the content. I truly was enjoying this game for the months I’ve played and I hope you will prioritize the player in solving this issue.
    • noxturnal 2018.11.28 10:45
      all of this is fine and i understand but what does it mean by 20 hunters in the library? i have about 48 hunters unlocked in the hunter library but it won’t highlight to let me claim the reward? i’m pretty sure this is from day 5
    • Cakeo12 2018.11.28 11:45
      So are we getting the update tomorrow then
    • Cakeo12 2018.11.28 12:07
      Can’t wait for the update my friend on Samsung has the update his guild is called celestial wolves to those who want to join and also donate to us. but Instead of all that he show the cool thing and the update like the background and how the characters have voices when they speak to you like lottery mouse or every other character. We will see a lot on this update so can’t wait bye.
    • Cakeo12 2018.11.28 13:32
      Didn’t get reward does it come tomorrow when I get my login rewards
    • JohnnyGo 2018.11.28 13:57
      Just got the IOS update
    • Nazure 2018.11.28 14:01
      cheer bru, noted OwO
      swag swag :-j
    • HaydonRich 2018.11.28 14:56
      Same but still can’t collect the manda event rewards

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