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[Notice] Fight Club 2018 World Championship Results Revealed!   [2]

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    Hiya! :)

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    Hello fellow fighting Captains of Midgard,

    Vspang here reporting to you about some exciting news!


    With all your mighty efforts and courageous spirits, we are sad to see this 2018 Fight Club event go.


    I would like to formally thank you all for your participation and continued support for our event and our game, thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.


    To all the winning Captains of the event that Beckhen created, we are here to display and in due time present you with awards for the competition.


    And now, the moment you all have been waiting for, the winners...Revealed!


    < Fight Club 2018 World Championship Final Ranking>


    - Midgard


    1st    다e

    2nd   老包

    3rd    J-Lee

    4th    Gaghiel

    5th    빛속에서

    6th    애쿠

    7th    Apaya

    8th    Kyrja

    9th    잘생긴당신

    10th 뿌우

    11th 大王饶命

    12nd livmis

    13rd 奈何枉然

    14th 갓봉민

    15th 모에기

    16th WhiteChoco

    17th 원내대표_라나

    18th 阿拉贡

    19th 민라니

    20th コユビ

    21st 桑妮

    22nd 헤르메티스

    23rd 예승아빠

    24th 清尘

    25th 冷冷酱


    - Alfaheimr


    1st    고래와

    2nd   은다싫다

    3rd    Snoop-Dogg

    4th    ShiroLeticia

    5th    Kierson

    6th    Sinity

    7th    메타몽헌터

    8th    Conqueror-NeX

    9th    Trixmatyr

    10th Yui梨梨

    11th 功夫再高也怕菜刀

    12nd 탄키

    13rd 咪啪喵

    14th 翰大叔

    15th いじゅ

    16th JOJOman

    17th ホァン

    18th 고공스

    19th -NeX-

    20th 夜雅

    21st 傾忱

    22nd SUCicide

    23rd 愛妻

    24th なな丸

    25th Hall-kun


    ※ This is the final ranking from 1st to 25th, if you are curious about your ranking, search for your nickname


    We can't forget the following Captains as well!


    Fight Club 2018 World Championship ‘Special Event" here are the Captains who shone in other areas of Fight Club!


    < Fight Club 2018 World Championship ‘Special Event’ Final Rankings>


    1. Most Matches Played

    - Midgard

    1st    안창림

    2nd   다e

    3rd    빛속에서

    4th    애쿠

    5th    잘생긴당신

    6th    老包

    7th    Gaghiel

    8th    Apaya

    9th    WhiteChoco

    10th ダヲス


    - Alfaheimr


    1st    고래와

    2nd   Snoop-Dogg      

    3rd    은다싫다

    4th    ShiroLeticia

    5th    Trixmatyr

    6th    Yui梨梨              

    7th    Sinity

    8th    傾忱 

    9th    메타몽헌터         

    10th Conqueror-NeX           


    2. Most Matches Lost

    - Midgard

    1st    absolute-8          

    2nd   黎玥 

    3rd    貢2  

    4th    やきとり             

    5th    비티비

    6th    貢

    7th    Xang

    8th    小熊熊北理         

    9th    烏丸ゆき             

    10th Muskrat


    - Alfaheimr


    1st    조오망겜

    2nd   새삶

    3rd    이프카

    4th    DaftVoodoo

    5th    르온나

    6th    Su-Metal             

    7th    Rodiun

    8th    Krabbe

    9th    GuitarRock

    10th 法克猶爾斯         


    3. Most Ranked Up

    - Midgard

    1st    蛋蛋的憂愁         

    2nd   怠惰貓頭鷹         

    3rd    SirMeow

    4th    ThePurplest

    5th    Bajahero2

    6th    SandydeWalker

    7th    Shananina

    8th    5싫어

    9th    Poldring

    10th Aer


    - Alfaheimr


    1st    Verner13

    2nd   cyberloli

    3rd    Azter

    4th    ビチグソ野郎

    5th    fieyz

    6th    Guildmaster67

    7th    Gyeoul

    8th    Shiisan

    9th    tammybyrnes

    10th Ryukey



    4. Highest Ranking New User

    - Midgard

    1st    모쨔

    2nd   크라토르

    3rd    AAA4

    4th    STALKENATOR

    5th    Fenoxes

    6th    lGinkol

    7th    Nixs

    8th    Rikuro

    9th    Mk_Ultimos47

    10th Chirotam


    - Alfaheimr


    1st    ShiroLeticia

    2nd   고래와

    3rd    은다싫다

    4th    Snoop-Dogg

    5th    Yui梨梨              

    6th    Trixmatyr

    7th    메타몽헌터         

    8th    Conqueror-NeX

    9th    Sinity

    10th 功夫再高也怕菜刀       


    5. Most Successful Defenses Made

    - Midgard

    1st    老包 

    2nd   Gaghiel

    3rd    다e

    4th    안창림

    5th    コユビ

    6th    밍기사

    7th    원내대표_라나             

    8th    清尘 

    9th    大王饶命             

    10th Kyrja


    - Alfaheimr


    1st    Kierson

    2nd   AlecMercer

    3rd    탄키

    4th    파란콜라

    5th    Unlegit

    6th    ShiroLeticia

    7th    yonghao             

    8th    Hall-kun              

    9th    DaftVoodoo        

    10th Conqueror-NeX           



    6. Respective 7th & 77th &777th &7777th Ranked User

    - Midgard

    7th                       livmis

    77th                     Tauwind

    777th                   D캣

    7777th                 두유T                 


    - Alfaheimr

    7th                       메타몽헌터

    77th                     神話崛起

    777th                   ソウカイヤ2


    And this is the last ranking!


    For the Captains who fought well but couldn't make their way to the final rankings, here are rewards for the following categories!

    Limited edition championship hunter accessories, Manda coupons and Google Play gift cards!


    < Fight Club 2018 World Championship ‘Passion Awards’ Winners>


    1. Limited Edition Championship Hunter Accessories


    - Number of fights 200 ~ 399 times: Bronze Crown for Tyltyl (All)

    - Number of fights 400 ~ 599 times: Silver Crown for Tyltyl (All),

    - Number of fights 600 ~ times: Gold Crown for Tyltyl (All)


    2. 1,000 Manda Coupon

    - Midgard

    : 탱크짱

    : 탕수육

    : 言舒唯

    : Hum

    : かるら


    - Alfaheimr


    : 夜雅

    : DaftVoodoo

    : Krabbe

    : Conqueror-NeX

    : -BTS-


    3. Google Play Gift Card

    - Midgard

    : Sonia_

    : 민라니

    : marcheee

    : Yameidie

    : 가로수그늘아래


    - Alfaheimr


    : ShiroLeticia

    : 傾忱

    : Yui梨梨

    : Snoop-Dogg

    : Trixmatyr


    We send a round of applause to all the lucky winners.


    To all winning Captains, make sure you have your address and personal information updated by Sunday February 24th.

    (For additional help and shipping help, contact the support 1:1 section and leave your inquiry. )


    Without the following shipping information, we cannot ship your rewards.


    For anniversary item shipping will be announced at a later date with more details to come!


    We hope you enjoy your time in Midgard and all that is to come!


    Thank you!

    Vspang Out!

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