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[Notice] Tell us your opinion on the "Server Combination!"   [16]

VSpang    Lv.  14
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    Hiya! :)

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    Hello! Natara is here!
    I have come to listen to our Captains' opinions today.
    The topic is “Server Combination!”
    There are two servers, Midgard and Alfheimr, in Blustone.
    Both servers have the same fundamental environment. However, systems such as chatting, Fight Club, etc. are operated separately.
    In the case of Midgard, which was the first server to be released, there is a huge population with veteran Captains of high specs.
    In the case of Alfheimr, which was the recent server to be released, there is a lower population. However, new Captains are participating actively.
    So, it is true that our Captains are feeling a different in-game environment despite both servers being operated under the same fundamental environment. Also, a lot of you have sent us opinions about server combination.
    Thus, we have come to listen to your opinions more closely!
    Of course, the server combination isn't a settled issue, and there isn't a fixed time do make a final decision.
    We are here to ask your opinion, and even if a lot of Captains have suggested for the server combination, it might be difficult to put it into practice for several reasons. Sob sob...
    However, we would love to hear your opinion so that we can think about the server combination in more depth.
    Please leave us any comments about the server combination such as advantages, disadvantages, things to consider, etc.! The comments can be repetitive or short. However, we'd sincerely appreciate the opinion suitable for the topic!
    P-Please do not fight, Captains!
    Then, we will be looking forward to some good and precious opinions!


    Thank you.

    • Nazure 2019.07.25 12:04
      1st: your account is VSpang, no Natara @.@
      2nd: I'd luv to have servers merged - glad to meet & chat to more random folks around the world who also playing BluStone (I'm from Midgar, btw)
    • MrPolarBear 2019.07.25 12:09
      Alfhemir is full with new captain so if you merged server they doesn't have chance anymore, o(-_-o)
    • MAPLESTORY23 2019.07.25 13:20
      alfhemir is new... if u merge.. noone can stand in FC anymore.. I would recommend merging the chat system but not the FC system
    • Fukurama 2019.07.25 14:12
      Ooh I like this idea of having a shared general chat!!
    • papapou 2019.07.27 04:05
      Same here...chat will be alive
    • Katte 2019.07.25 16:53
      I'd say a transfer option would be good instead of a full merge.
      Basically, you can switch between Alfheimr and Midgard.
      I feel like this gives Captains a chance at FC.
      When they feel like they are strong enough, they can transfer to Midgard.
    • papapou 2019.07.27 04:07
      There will be alway player looking for free win...not sure it can work
    • thesurgeon 2019.07.25 18:47
      I think combining chat is a great idea and lets more experienced players help newbies more often
    • Charliotte 2019.07.25 21:45
      It should have been that way since Blustone 2 release. The game chat interactions were on a mediocre state when the big update happened, and segregating communities was never a good idea. It ended up contributing on making most of the original English chat become into a graveyard, as more and more veterans left and less smart new blood came in.

      Each server should have their own Fight Club scores and rewards though.
    • Miroslava 2019.07.26 03:43
      Actually FC system have 200x players getting top 100 prizes weekly, 100x from Midgard and 100x from Alfheimr. If both servers are merged, only 100x players will get their rewards and another 100x will start think about quit/stop play.

      And that isn’t only for the top 100, all guys who are getting prizes from 200~300 will get less, also all players below this numbers will be affected, so, everyone will get less rewards. (And that not will make the game an P2W game, will only make people quit!)

      So, in my point of view isn’t an smart idea, unless the focus start be about how to kill the game....
    • Larcek 2019.07.28 02:26
      I like how it is currently. Before pushing people together i'd rather See new gameplay options for players and guilds First.
    • Ooohh 2019.07.28 21:03
      Here's a simple answer... NO!¡!¡!
    • YazWasHere 2019.07.29 05:34
      I rather not merge so the new players don’t have an unfair advantage in the FC
    • jarnMod 2019.07.30 04:26
      As a developer, I have to mention that this kind of merge can literally break your player base. This can hit the new player pretty hard. New player may feel like they're forced to go pay2win which is terrible and may cut them short before their conversion.

      The culture in the chat may change as well. I've not seen any bad stuff in the chat yet, which is nice, but I don't know what's going on in another server.

      If you merge the server, you can cut the cost of that server. If it's a physical one and you don't really cut the cost, I don't think you should bother.

      Lastly, if you can somehow simulate a temporary merge, like a server raiding, you may see a better reaction and make a more realistic judgement. Maybe recruit a number of players from both server, put them on a virtual server for a competition. See how far their differences are and if there are any player rage quits. Then make a judgement on that data.

      Remember how many polls you've and how different player action really are.
    • USER37FD05 2019.08.01 01:11
      Combine chat only plz dont do anything else
    • MrBlustone 2019.08.01 23:13
      Alfheimr is newer so allow Alfheimr players to transfer to Midgard if they please, but DO NOT let Midgard accounts transfer to Alfheimr server due to overpowered stats. And yes, combine the chat system, but only for specific channels. We don't need trolls all across the platform. Or just make World Chat so that there's Guru Chat, General Chat, Guild Chat, and Cross-Server/World Chat. I would definitely hate for Fight Club to merge. I'm cool with guilds and everything else merging though. It's not like your guild rank (like top 10 guilds) affects your rewards, except during the guild event that happened ONCE. Then guilds can recruit more active players if they are low on active members. [This is my opinion. Feel free to disagree.]

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