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[Update] Update Preview   [3]

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    Hello, Captains of Midgard!

    Natara is here with some update news!


    Below you can find the details for the upcoming update!



    <New Features>

    - Guild Blitz New Open

    : The new content "Guild Blitz" will open!

     “ Two Guilds will fight against each other to get the new Metron Strip Mine. The winning Guild will get much more rewards than the opponent Guild.

    : Please note our update post “[Update] New Content! The "Guild Blitz" System Notice” for more details.


    - New Market Shop Open

    : The Guild Medal Shop will open newly in the Market to celebrate the opening of the Guild Blitz.

    : Get the "★4 Leon, the Veteran Army Surgeon" Traces and many other useful items in this Guild Medal Shop!


    - Game Image Quality Improvement

    : The overall graphic quality will be improved.


    <Hunter Balance Changes>


    - The 4th skill : Addition of enemy Beneficial Effects Remove



    - Basic HP and ATK strengthened

    - The 4th skill : Increase Damage by 30%



    - The 4th skill changed to “Unhealing Wound” (Continuous Bleeding before removed, 0 Regeneration) effect.



    - The 4th skill : Increase Damage by 30%



    - The 2nd skill : Addition of frontline teammate Harmful Effects Remove

    - The 4th skill : Addition of all teammates Harmful Effects Remove



    - The 4th skill : Rage Gauge Acquisition 1 → 2

    - The 5th skill : Elemental Enhancement & Elemental Resistance 15 → 20


    <Changes Made>

    - Fixed the issue where the frontline Support and Bomber hunters can use their skills during a specific situation.

    - Fixed the issue of not being able to use the skill due to Audrey's skill.

    - Fixed other minor bugs.

    - Game stability improvements made.

    - Deleted the ★3 Hunter Recruitment Notice

    : The "BIG NEWS at the Suspicious Shop!" notice will not appear anymore when recruiting a ★3 Hunter.


    ※ The update date for iOS may be changed depending on its verification process.


    We will continue to work hard to make your gaming experience better during your time in Midgard!


    Thank you! 


    • Katte 2019.08.22 18:55
      Leon? A new Hunter's been leaked!
    • Calludus 2019.08.22 19:39
      It would be awkward if Leon was a Veteran Army Surgeon, so expected to be a muscle man figure and then only turns out a Healer.. or might he's as old as Dumble and Sylvester... Hahaha..

      Too bad he won't get recognition just like Harley because like Harley they don't have chat announcements when you get them via completing traces... and.. later on Hunter of the Year Event.. Leon and Harley might would just be ignored just like what happened last time for Harley for two consecutive years on Hunter of the Year Event. He is not included.

      They deserved that as if they're part of hunter association.

      Haha.. I'm just thinking advance for might they heard this post.. and that won't happen in the future.
    • Fukurama 2019.08.22 21:16
      Lmao no more 3* notification spam! great :)

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