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[Notice] Jewel and Equipment Changes Preview (Update 2019.09.05)   [4]

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    The schedule to apply these changes has been postponed for better stability. We will make sure to announce the date in this post when the accurate schedule comes out. We will work hard to apply the change stably for our Captains! We sincerely ask for your understanding.




    Hello, Captains of Midgard!


    I'm here to introduce some of the changes made for hunters' Equipment and Jewels.


    These changes are made to compensate for the insufficient effect of the Equipment and Jewels. With these, you can have strong hunters by upgrading your Equipment and Jewels instead of having to recruit hunters of high-level.


    Also, these changes will also apply retroactively for the Jewels you are holding.


    Please check the following for more details about the changes:



    After September 6th (Friday) 15:00 (UTC+9)


    <Changes Made>

    - Equipment

    : Increased the Equipment Ability for about 50%


    : Removed Equipment Ability Increasing Rate by Decimal Points

    → There has been some confusion made for the Equipment Upgrade being increased by decimal points. Now, the Equipment ability will not increase by decimal points.


    : Increased the Rise of Ability during Equipment Upgrade after Level 2 Equipment Modification (After Equipment Level 20)

    → The ability will increase more for our users to enjoy the mid and end process of the Equipment Upgrade after level 2.


    - Jewel

    : Modified Jewel Balance by Ability

    → Strengthened some of the abilities which were inefficient compared to other abilities.

         1. Strengthened the abilities of Attack, Defense, HP, Elemental Enhancement, Elemental Resistance, and Armor Penetration.

         2. Slightly strengthened Critical Chance, Critical Attack Damage, Block Chance, and Decrease Enemy Block Chance.


    : Modified Main Ability Appearance Rate

    (Main Ability refers to the ability that is displayed in the top the Jewel option.)

    → Improved the frequent appearances of some of the options when choosing Jewel's main ability. You can now check various options in the main ability.

         1. Improved some options that were displayed too much in the main ability option.


    : Modified Main Ability's Increase Rate

    → Increased the rate of main ability during Grind. Now, you'll be able to certainly feel the improvement as you Grind more and more.


    : Strengthened Main Jewel Ability

         1. Increased the ★1-★3 Jewel by 30%

         2. Increased the ★4-★5 Jewel by 50%


    : Strengthened the Overall Sub-Ability by 50% or More

    (Sub-Ability refers to the ability that is displayed in a small print below the Jewel option.)


    : Sub-Ability Increase and Increase Value Fixed

    Before, the sub-ability increased randomly within a certain range on Grind.

    Now, the ability will definitely increase to the maximum value.


    : Strengthened the overall Jewel Set Ability

    → The Jewel's Set Ability will increase overall according to the Jewel's main ability and sub-ability.


    Please note that the changes might not be applied normally if your app is not updated to the newest version.


    We will continue to put in our best efforts so that your time in Midgard will be more enjoyable!


    Thank you.


    • Calludus 2019.09.03 21:38
      Oof.. I was expecting to have Stat Reroll on Main and Substats or Type Reroll like change the type Regeneration jewel to Attack jewel, change the jewel shape desired by paying free Manda or others.

      You know ever since Jewels were introduced August 2018, I still keep unwanted Radiant and Shiny jewels waiting for that change to happen one day..

      I hope you consider this... I'm pretty sure like me, that is well good.
    • AIpha 2019.09.05 03:14
      Maybe in an update to have a system where you can transfer jewel stats over? Giving old jewels and new ones purpose? I also keep most of my jewels in the event it happens but can you increase the amount of jewels you can hold at least!
    • Izathiel 2019.09.07 18:14 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • Natara 2019.09.09 16:33 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

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