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[Notice] Hunter Balance Changes - Edited   [14]

Natara    Lv.  2
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    Hello Captains, this is Natara!


    Today I’m here to announce some new in-game balance changes to some of the hunters, which will be applied in the near future.


    The purpose of these changes is to improve some of the hunters' skills, which were slowly getting outdated over time.

    In addition, we think it is time to adjust the hunters' performances that are imbalanced, since some hunters were not performing well while others were performing too well.


    You will be able to make more practical use of your hunters with these balance changes.


    <Balance Changes Application Schedule>

    After October 14th, 2019


    <Hunter Balance Changes>


    - Enemy Block Chance decrease of the 5th skill → Replaced by an Attack Speed increase



    - Maximum damage of 4th skill increased by 15%



    - Added temporary Block Chance increase to the 1st skill

    - Added increment on temporary Block Damage Decrease to the 4th skill



    - Added everlasting Immunity on Critical Damage to the 5th skill

    - Changed the interval and duration time on Increased Defense of the 5th skill

     : Once per 4 sec → Once per 3 sec Interval, 1 sec → 2 sec Duration time, 2 times → 3 times Increased Defense



    - Removed 15% HP decrease of the 4th skill's effect



    - Added enemy Switch impossible to the 4th skill


    Captain, Vincent

    - 20 → 30 maximum Armor Penetration increase to the 5th skill



    - 5th skill now decreases an enemy's Rage Gauge by 0.1 per 1 sec



    - Changed 1 sec → 2 sec 2 sec → 1 sec stun time after Force Switch by the 1st skill


    - Order of Priority for Beneficial Effects Remove & Harmful Effects Remove

    There has been confusion for our Captains while using hunters' skills with an unclear order of priority regarding the Beneficial Effects Remove & Harmful Effects Remove.

    To clarify the issue, Beneficial Effects Remove will be applied first. We are constantly discussing ways to organize and improve our system for the future!

    : Now, Beneficial Effects Remove will apply in any situation, and it will also be applied to an enemy immune to Harmful Effects.


    Please note that the changes might not be applied if your app is not updated to the newest version.


    We hope you enjoy your life in Midgard with these new changes!


    Thank you.


    We sincerely apologize for the confusion caused by the wrong notice regarding Anemone.
    Anemone's balance change notice has been fixed. We sincerely thank you, Captains, for the report.

    • Deneu 2019.10.10 18:56
      Wtf anemone is already so broken, and she's still getting buffed?? Does VS even play test the upgrades first before releasing??
    • Trixmatyr 2019.10.10 20:21
      Nah, my anemone is broken. The rest are not
    • Calludus 2019.10.11 01:47
      We already struggle on Anemone force switch + stun + remove buffs now this you add 1 more second duration?.. why don't you put permanent stun so that all players will have Anemone and only her alone in the battle lol.. joke..

      I'm pretty sure all of us will soon get T3 Anemone then 4 healers and auto battle and just relax and win.. about 80% winning rate. (^^,)

      Honestly, it doesn't make sense even you put zero block chance on Anemone and Calibur. Their toughness still the same like any defenders.
      I observed so many battles I encountered ever since I play Blustone. If you raise Defense Stat, then you're tough.

      Another thing I observed, Broken hunters like Anemone and Audrey has higher chance to proc 4th skill.. I fought so many like them at defense. Almost 9/10 they will proc 4th. If only I recorded the battle when Anemone 4th successfully at 5 times in a row. Audrey 4th 4x in a row also haha.. T0 Audrey just wiped out my team alone?! Wtf.. T0 Audrey 4th hitting at fixed damage 2000! Yey! You can save equip upgrades on her just skill max and will do just fine. I am much satisfied if T3 Audrey can do that fixed damage.. haizz.. Just How Ridiculous (^^,)

      Why don't you put simple terms like "Buff" and "Debuff". It's understandable that Buff is Beneficial Effect and Debuff is Harmful Effect. It only consumes space on skill tips and also those shorter words easier to understand.

      Okay. This made my day. Thanks for the hunters' improvements (^^,)
      P.S. Improve Karl please at least make him Speed 8
    • Trixmatyr 2019.10.11 02:05
      Not sure about what you use but at this day, there are ways to counter 4* hunters. And that way is new use newer 4* hunters. However in my case, anemone hardly proc 4th skill .. and my results were 1 in 5 times chance to proc 4th skill .

      Again, not sure how it's like for you but .. why not save a video in Google drive and show us how often an anemone procs against you.

      Well, with the recent new updates on monthly 4* selector and the newly released 4*trans tickets, I highly doubt there is a point in revisiting the use of a 3* unless it has a skill that none of the 4* already has.

      This just my point of view.

      Stay resilient calludus! I hope your new junia is serving u well.. cos it's a pain to fight against.
      Balance are made for a reason.
    • papapou 2019.10.15 01:19
      Am agree...with callu...last anemone i fought, 4th occured 3 time in a row
    • ProMonster 2019.10.11 10:06
      Lapis attack speed :)
    • Nazure 2019.10.11 12:35
      Nene's mother was nerfed.
      Thank you for your complain. *_*
    • GSM_Liv 2019.10.11 14:39
      Yeah pretty sure they said chage the time from two to one that means decrease stun time.
    • GSM_Liv 2019.10.11 14:10
      What's the point of raising Lapis's speed when she already dies the fastest out of all ice attacks? Please at least make her a little more tanky. Thank you.
    • Trixmatyr 2019.10.11 18:33
      Hey hey, it's it's a buff on 1 star...no complains on that. Just lvl 50 all the equips and she be tanky
    • GSM_Liv 2019.10.11 20:17
      Pretty sure she's still very underwhelming even with equipments. Besides, she's 1 star or not, this game is designed so that every playable character in game can be used, tuned to win, right? At least that's what I thought it's supposed to be.
    • Trixmatyr 2019.10.11 21:10
      Actually , the right way is to first look at the max achievable strength of the char, followed by a proper team composition that has skills that synergies with one another
    • Nazure 2019.10.12 13:40

      Use Lapis to stalling time and build up rage-bar while also dealing high damage.
      Who know, maybe faster atk speed = faster rage-bar acceleration? if u are so into Lapis, epxerience things yourself....


      By now, no end-stage players using Lapis much though.

      There are tons of new hunter added to the games with better base stat compare to old school 1-star Lapis.

      As me, Im using Lapis much before, now mainly use  Natalia for daily pvp & abyss instead.

      - base 1/2 star hunter usually have lower base-stat (atk, defense, hp....) compare to base 3/4 star.
      - Trade-off, base low-star cost less effort to max-transcend them.

      Won't be fair and unreasonable to request a base low-star character to be as strong as base high-star characters,

    • Graf 2019.10.13 18:21
      Vince reduces rage now....

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