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[Notice] Hunter Balance Changes   [27]

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    Hello Captains, this is Natara!
    Today I’m here to announce some new changes to the in-game Hunter Balance, which will be applied in the near future.
    The purpose of these changes is to improve Blondie who performed weaker than the other ★4 hunters and to encourage Hermes's performances since he is losing ground by the appearances of the new competitors.
    Also, we have adjusted the balance of hunters who were performing too strong or too weak. We hope you'll be able to use a more diverse variety of hunters!
    You will be able to form a more offensive team with your hunters with these balance changes.
    <Balance Changes Application Schedule>
    After November 6th, 2019
    <Hunter Balance Changes>
    Balance Changes: Rage Acquisition
    We found out that currently, when the Attack Speed increases more than a certain point, the Rage (amount of points required for skill activation) acquisition range can get quite big, causing other elements to be drastically less significant. To solve this issue, we are planning to adjust the standard amount of Rage gained through the tap attack and time accordingly depending on the situation.

    - Gain same Rage over time on the standard of 8 – the Attack Speed of the normal Offense.
    - When the Attack Speed is faster than 8, the amount of Rage gained over time will decrease a little than it currently is.
    - When the Attack Speed is slower than 8, the amount of Rage gained over time will increase a little than it currently is.
    - As the Attack Speed gets lower than the standard 8, the amount of Rage will increase more or vice versa.
    These changes will apply only for the Fight Club, Mirage Ruins, and the Guild Blitz.
    Balance Changes: Hunters
    - Moved the Momentary Defense Weakening effect from 4th skill to 2nd skill and expanded the application range to all enemies
    - Added frontline enemy stun to the 4th skill
    - All enemy Regeneration of the 5th skill : half decrease > decreased to 0
    - Frontline Dynamite: Sets off a dynamite. Weakens the entire enemy's Defense by 30% in an instant and gives temporary Bleeding Damage.
    - Last Shot: After shooting his pistol, Blondie sometimes shoots at the enemy’s weak spot. This skill damage ignores the enemy’s Block Damage Resistance and stuns the enemy.
    - Increased HP Ability Stats slightly
    - Added Strike Damage to the 4th skill
    - Strengthened Attack of the 2nd skill : 30%
    - Increased basic Attack Ability Stats slightly
    - Increased Bleeding Damage of 4th skill by 20%
    - Strengthened Block Damage Decrease of the 2nd skill : 35%
    - Increased Block Chance of the 5th skill : 25%
    - Added strengthened Attack Speed (Continuation, superposition available) to the 4th skill
    - Maximum amount of Defense reinforcement of the 2nd skill : 30%
    - 4th skill changed from Bleeding Damage to Unhealing Wound
    - Weakened Enemy Attack : 6%
     8% per sec, up to a maximum enemy Attack reduction amount of : 30%  40% of the 5th skill
    - Increased Maximum damage of 4th skill by 30%
    - Increased Maximum damage of 4th skill by 30%
    Jack O' Lantern (Halloween)
    - Increased Maximum damage of 4th skill by 30%
    - Maximum amount of strengthened Ally Attack of the 2nd skill : 30%
    - Changed Enemy Beneficial Effects Remove of the 2nd skill > Strengthen Prohibit for 4 sec
    - Increased Maximum amount of Elemental Enhancement of the 5th skill : 25
    - Changed the decrement of enemy Rage of the 4th skill : 1
    - Eliminated Enemy Beneficial Effects Remove of the 4th skill
    - Increased the amount of Recovery of the 1st skill by 20%
    - Maximum amount of Defense Reinforcement of the 2nd skill : 30%
    - Maximum amount of Attack Reinforcement of the 4th skill : 30%
    - Maximum amount of Defense Reinforcement of the 2nd skill : 30%
    - Maximum amount of Attack Reinforcement of the 2nd skill : 30%
    Denali, the Broom Witch (Halloween)
    - Maximum amount of Attack Reinforcement of the 2nd skill : 30%
    - Maximum amount of Attack Reinforcement of the 2nd skill : 30%
    - Added 1 enemy Rage decrement effect to the 2nd skill
    - Changed Defense increment for every 3 seconds of the 5th skill : 300%
    - Changed the continuation time of the 5th skill : 1 sec → 1.5 sec
    Please note that the changes might not be applied if your app is not updated to the newest version.
    We hope you enjoy your life in Midgard with these new changes!
    Thank you.

    • Trixmatyr 2019.10.31 20:22
      These are horrible changes. This nearly changes everything.
      In summary:
      - speed is nerfed
      - Blondie is now broken, cos why not? Permanent no Regen for enemy
      - geranium nerfed
      - Juno nerfed right after a buff
      - every other not too relavant hunters get a slight buff
    • PedoBears 2019.10.31 20:57
    • Danzskiel 2019.11.01 13:23
      Gotta admit, I know beforehand that Juno will be nerfed and Blondie will be buff cuz Juno is just wow with that celine 4th and Blondie, well, he ain’t as op as the recent 4* line up lol. Dunno what to do with all the confusing hunter balance cuz I don’t use them that much. But srsly WTF with the speed nerf????!!!! Sooooo complicated for one thing, and technically speed nerf means 2 things: 1/ some hunters are practically having their skills as a debuff like Hermes (so much for buffing him) and Yuri since they have atk speed boost as their PASSIVE 5TH SKILL, plus Akasha and Alia with ACTIVE 2ND SKILL and 2/ speed gems are gonna be bad stuff now. With the current gameplay in fc, gaining rage is a definite advantage and your “patch” will only make ppl focus more on units with low speed, particularly Dumble, which will cause a HUGE in-game imbalance and instead of testing every different hunter combo, ppl can just slap in a Dumble. Good rage, good damage, technically god tier. Speed gem add atk per sec but with lowered rage for attackers, it might as well be a debuff, who would want to use it? Burst damage is the thing that lands the blow in fc ya know. Srsly, CHECK your hunters AND your ENTIRE GAMING BATTLE SYSTEM beforehand before such a massive change, or any change for that matter >:-|
    • Deneu 2019.11.01 16:54
      Whatever this guys said!!!
      VS pls test whatever rubbish you all decide to implement, then trash it before you implement it. The rage acquisition "improvement" is just ridiculous. >:V
    • Graf 2019.10.31 23:13
      Harley - >un healing wound? Rly?
    • Ziuxy 2019.11.01 00:02
      You nerf attack speed because of Rage generation to give more importance to other elements, but then you give more rage down to judith and bright..
      Nice.. Blondie already was OP now is totally broken... GJ!
      Harley perma bleed.. And super buffed omg
      Bright down rage on 2nd skill... 4th ok, but 2nd??
      All the time and money i spend improving my hunters for a strategy to be at the same lvl of veterants and you come and do that kind of changes that ruins completely my strategy. Now what? waste more time and money?
      No thanks, F2P from now and on
    • SunnyDoesVA 2019.11.01 00:31
      Did my boy Juno dirty
    • SunnyDoesVA 2019.11.01 00:31 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • SunnyDoesVA 2019.11.01 00:31 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • Calludus 2019.11.01 00:41
      Although these changes is in my favor like skill improvements for Harley but about the Rage and Speed relationship, you all should know from the start that Celine made the game broken. Because of her, balance turns out bad.

      Rage should just be as it is in a constant manner.
      Speed should be related how many hits per second without compromising the rage boost.
      In short, if Dumble Attack Speed is 6, his rage boost should raise normally like others just like when Hermes/Yuri/Bella attacking but Dumble hits of course, notably slower... just like that thought I'm thinking. Hope developers get this idea.

      Currently the tendencies of rage boost is favored on AI Enemy defense. Just example if you face Vincent+Celine then you don't have Celine, enemy Vincent skill hits twice. So yeah it's nearly impossible to beat them if you don't have counter like Celine of your own.
      Sometimes even without Vincent, AI surprisingly perform two skills in one round than yours especially when facing most TTT -Top Tough Tanks: Juno, Calibur, Anemone, Erise and Junia. Harley is weaker though and other 3★ tanks are weak in general except those two got recently improved and before this patch.

      One thing also.. The 4th Chance Trigger. It's been a long time you first mentioned it during Edward Skill Overhaul that his 4th Chance only got highest of 50% than the rest which is default 35%..
      So yeah I'm still whining.. just myself only so that it won't be a part of other's problem that.. noticeably newer hunters I always encounter at Fight Club like Audrey, Anemone, Alia, hmm just those fellows, on Enemy AI defense always trigger like almost 80%-100%?.. Imagine Enemy Anemone 4th triggered 5x times? Wtf? Audrey.. s*** Alia, urgh.. I died... haizz.

      Stage Cruise is even punishing. At previous before Abyss Boss Skill Acquisition Improvement, Stage 490 is beatable but now it's impossible. Windblade boss already tearing your HP -900 + auto attacks after you defeated last miniboss because 3 secs before Windblade boss appears, his 5th starts to trigger after last miniboss died. It's really unfair to those who haven't complete that stage before the patch. Even you got fully maxed Dumble.. hmm I don't know about those who already reached Dumble fully maxed Upgrades but for me.. well only possible if Crocus 4th triggered 4x in a row.. which is Impossible... really impossible.

      At least fix that portion of Stage 490 Windblade boss only trigger 5th if you actually face him not 3 sec before he appeared. Fix the skill trigger as if return it as normally before. Don't apply same as Abyss.

      Hmm.. for now.. That's all.

      I just hope those above words - views/observed/experienced came from a "I'm just nobody 2nd Generation Veteran" who still playing frequently and actively in Blustone will be heard for enthusiastic developers of Blustone.

      Thanks for reading. (^^,)
    • Trixmatyr 2019.11.01 01:44
      This hunter update simply tells us that they don't test their game at all. I'd rather they just continue to release new hunters than to keep tweaking released hunters.
    • Fukurama 2019.11.01 06:53
      great patch!
    • USER37FD05 2019.11.01 07:23
      You serious?
    • Hitsukid 2019.11.01 15:56
      Really becoming cash grab. Haha.
    • GSM_Liv 2019.11.01 18:36
      Why do you have to favor Blondie so much? 0 generation for whole team, you make healers sound like a joke. And then just to be sure, you nerf all the good stuffs like Juno. Before this he was usable. Now what? You nerf rage and then give other hunters reduced rage? This is getting just like what Valve did in 2015.
    • Krabbe 2019.11.01 20:26
      You seemed to have misunderstood the 0 regeneration part. This is not about heals from healers. This is the regeneration that happens, when hunter sit idle in the background. Basically they won't heal by themselves anymore, which really isn't that big of a deal imo.
      Currently this kind of self-heal is halved, and it was apparently not very impactful so far, so they buffed this part.
    • GSM_Liv 2019.11.02 13:29
      Nah self heal is also crucial in a battle. For example, if a hunter is low on HP, you can switch them out so that later when you put them into battle, their health is drastically increased due to regen. This is how significant regen can be to your team. Putting Blondie in means that you'd already taken advantage of one of the deciding factors in that game.
    • Snowbells 2019.11.01 18:57
      ...Why bother throwing a single more coin to a game where developers do not value their players anymore, if ever at all?
      You screwed Blustone 1 so much, you had to rename it to Blustone 2 just so you could excuse all the mistakes you did in the original version.
      But now it's to the point where no matter what you try, say or do. The game is rotten. Just like the latest patches.
    • TayOtaku 2019.11.01 19:57
      You're going to change attack speed but also give the new hunter an ability to increase her attack speed?? Isn't that like counterproductive?
    • Krabbe 2019.11.01 20:38
      I certainly think that there are balancing problem regarding rage generation, however I would say that the problem lies with Celine rather than attackspeed. AFAIK attackspeed has always been as it was and never caused many problems before. The rage generation of Celine's 5th skill is way more problematic and way more noticeable. Everybody in top ranks of fc uses Celine because of her 5th skill alone and imo you are really forced to use her to stay competitive. To make it short, I would have much more preferred to tone down Celine's 5th skill instead of a general attackspeed nerf, but at least rage generation was adressed, so that's somewhat good.
    • N4kZ 2019.11.02 07:50
      Does this mean the lower your attack speed, the more rage you get? Does this mean the faster your attack speed the slower your rage? or is the increase and decrease of rage just smaller for rage?
    • AIpha 2019.11.02 11:47
      Save your wallets and hold your manda. I feel like somebody woke up and wrote the patch notes backwards.
    • HiImMarch 2019.11.02 12:27
      Ohm r u high VS?
      "BEST" patch ever *sigh*
    • Trixmatyr 2019.11.04 01:47
    • Hitsukid 2019.11.03 13:22
      And no ducks was given by VS.
    • Danzskiel 2019.11.04 07:55
      We’re so ignored here aren’t we?
    • TrainingMate 2019.11.04 16:46
      Well this is the most ridiculous patch i've see, "blondie perfome weaker than other nat 4*"????
      "speed nerfed"???

      Well im forget you didn't care about player anymore :v

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