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[Update] Update Preview   [14]

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    Hello, Captains of Midgard!


    This is Natara, and I am pleased to announce that a new update is on the way!


    Listed below are the details for the upcoming update!



    <New Features>

    - Added Hunter Classification and Sorting

    : You are now able to classify your hunters by Roles.

    : You are now able to sort your hunters by power, time of acquisition, and duplicates owned.

    : You will be able to use these 2 new functions to efficiently check the hunters you want.


    <Balance Changes on Hunters>


    - 5th skill now decreases enemy Attack Speed by up to 15% 



    - Basic Block Damage Decrease: 40 > 50

    - Added up to 50% Block Chance increase to the 5th skill



    - Slightly increased basic Attack

    - 4th skill now prohibits enemy change



    - Enemy Defense reduction of the 5th skill decreased up to 5% > 4%


    When Dumble was first added, his 5th skill was intended to be more efficient against enemies with high attacking power, such as Offense and Bomber.


    However, the overall attacking level of hunters increased over time as their basic skills improved, Equipment and Jewels strengthened, and Fate related bonus increased.


    As such, Dumble has not only been getting a high Defense reduction against the originally intended Offense and Bomber, but also against the Defense.


    To solve this issue, Dumble's skill has been adjusted accordingly.


    Dumble's Defense reduction effect against the Offense and Bomber with the highest level of attacking power will remain the same while his Defense reduction effect against the Defense will be reduced by about 20%.



    - Basic Block Chance decreased by 3%, "Block Damage Decrease" reduced by 7%



    - Increased Attack/Defense of the 4th skill up to 15% > 20%

    - Increased Block Damage Resistance of the 5th skill up to 20% > 25%



    - Damage of the 1st skill increased by 25% 

    - Changed the Additional Damage of the 4th skill to 2000 Fixed Damage



    - Increased basic Block Damage Decrease: 50 > 60



    : The issue where the Guild Blitz did not end normally after the timeout will be fixed.

    : Fixed the issue of hunter skills not properly being displayed in the Hunter Library.

    : Fixed other minor bugs.


    ※ The update schedule for iOS may change depending on its verification process.


    We will continue to work hard to enhance your gaming experience in Midgard!


    Thank you!


    • Calluzzar 2020.01.17 17:37
      Whoa.. I didn't expect this. They're so much complaints regarding their Defense to be beat by an Elderly user eh haha..

      I think I was killed as one of few Dumble users at Fight Club.

      If Dumble won't be effective like that anymore... and so we have to find ways and build another strategy.

      I can still Fight.

      I smell New Defense Line Up.. Judith x Audrey. .-_+.

      Since you mentioned Dumble.. now..

      It's been a long time Dumble 5th is a mystery. "5% Def" All we expect is like Passive Defense Down like Bibi and Mary.. and yet we don't see any debuff indicator. As of our journey to search his true potential, we still trying to figure out ".. cornering using enemy attack.." we don't have idea what's its modifier to scaled input damage and use Dumble as channel for Bombers and Crocus to burst and boost output and final damage they would deal. The typo team should add explaination how much percentage and value that is used to scale damage using enemy attack.

      (I still confused to some skill descriptions and sometimes I need to "assume.. I guess it's good or bad" ... Haha!)

      It's 2020 now. Teams that are responsible for making Skill Descriptions should carefully and elaborately put all Values within. Why only just one.. many skills that has multiple effects now. Anemone! .. Sofia Alia.. others just like them for future newer players easy comprehension.

      Last but not the least..
      FIX NEWS THREADS. WE CAN'T SEEM TO READ OLD THREAD FROM NEWS PAGE. Just in case we need to review old skill descriptions on various hunters.

      Thank you for reading.
      - Calludus
    • Deneu 2020.01.18 00:15
      Why is Junia not nerfed?????
    • HERCULE- 2020.01.18 01:48
      Leave Junia alone! Shu shu! Get yourself a Junia you Harley user.
    • BeardlessMessi 2020.01.18 02:42
      Please add a new defence hunter, coffee rabbit Big Chungus
    • IvorySkylar 2020.01.18 03:05
      Now while I do agree about a lot hunters getting balanced, I don’t agree on the changes for Judith.

      Lemme list out her current skills for those who don’t have her
      1) Temporay team bleed
      2) Stun
      3) Typical 3rd skill
      4) Extra dmg and -2 rage
      5) -25% block chance

      Now I wouldn’t be mad about this skill change if her 1st did actual reliable dmg. I have her at T2 right now. All skills maxed, no jewels, haven’t touched equipment at all. Her 4th however, does 8944 dmg with an additional rage down. The problem here is that Judith clearly relies on her 4th skill a lot for dmg. Even if you buffed her 1st skill, it would do no more than 1k at T3. 1k might sound a lot to you but when other hunters do at least 2-4k dmg on the 1st skill, this is extremely weak. Her 5th is -25% block chance that is extremely useful and goes well with her 4th. But if you change her 4th to fixed dmg, the dmg will no longer go up with transcendence. And her 1st isn’t the most reliable skill by any means. A lot ppl will find that fixed dmg impressive but I find it a nerf. Judith is already considered the weakest among all the 4* bombers and with this she will no longer be unique and will become a weaker copycat of Audrey. Why would anyone want to trade a skill that does 10k dmg to a 2k one? How much dmg can one hunter even block out? I don’t think the changes are good at all for Judith. You either nerf her 4th or buff other skills like making her permableed. This is a big nerf on Judith and I obviously didn’t spend all this time and hard work to work on her to this state just to be nerfed like this.
    • Calludus 2020.01.18 11:34
      What Judith make her weak is her primary attack is Bleeding. I don't know what happens next since they will add 25% damage on her 1st. Might she become strong or not or is as strong as Audrey or not?
      So I'm quite feared that they'll soon build Judith x Audrey at Defense now. Both will really make Gamble for the win.

      Bleeding primary make the hunter weaker.
      In case of 4★, only Judith and Original Mary among the weakest.
      Kamalas, however, in return for her weak attack, she then enemy permanent debuffs on attack and attack speed and.. sadly it's stackable that prompt your hunter to become immobile permanently unless healed by Leon & others and permableed as well.
    • IvorySkylar 2020.01.19 17:57
      Even if they add more dmg to the 1st skill, it’s not going to go over 1k even at T3. It’s 25% added but her normal base dmg is very low. Mine is T2 and 1st only does 650 dmg. And that’s maxed skills. 25% added, it’s still just over 800. The thing why Audrey’s fixed dmg works is because her 1st not only does dmg but also has cancel immunity and bind. The only thing Judith has is stun. And stun is useless these days with the new hunters. Audrey at T0 does over 1k at 1st skill. Judith at T2 does only 650. This is why I feel like it’s not worth it to change a 4th that does high dmg with only 2k dmg.
    • Ryuichiツ 2020.01.19 13:15
      and changing jewelry for free? :/
    • Blastツ 2020.01.20 10:38
      lol yeah. I remove my shoes and it's free so it should be too
    • Rexie 2020.01.22 21:28
      hey, why are you guys ignoring several support tickets and e-mails over the course of about 2 months? i need help
    • Novachrono 2020.01.23 08:05
      What about the Christmas theme
    • USER37FD05 2020.01.23 17:10
      Gj making erise unkillable making the game more fun for us
    • Rexie 2020.01.26 04:15
      Hey, I need some help.. can you guys check support tickets like once a month?
    • USER37FD05 2020.01.27 09:51
      Also when you guys gonna decide how to balance junia it would be nice

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