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[Notice] Future Corrections on Balance   [16]

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    Captains of the Midgard, HELLO!


    Currently, many people are presenting opinions about the balance of Blustone's characters, and the development team is paying close attention to them. Balance, however, takes some time to apply because it needs to consider the overall impact, not just one's numbers.

    We would like to share with you about the balances that the development team is currently considering. Each detail may be scheduled at different times, and actual values of the numbers could be slightly changed.


    <Collective Edits>
    - Small Increase in ★1 Hunter's Basic Ability
    Ex) Tyltyl ★3 HP/AP/DP = 409/276/276 → 435/293/293
    Ex) Tyltyl ★5 HP/AP/DP = 1155/526/526 → 1227/559/559


    - Small Increase in ★2 Hunter's Basic Ability
    Ex) Acerola ★3 HP/AP/DP = 454/307/307 → 466/314/314
    Ex) Acerola ★5 HP/AP/DP = 1283/584/584 → 1314/598/598
    (HP: Health Power(Life) - AP: Attacking Power - DP: Defense Power)


    - Decrease in Chances and Damage of Bomber's Fatal Blow
    Originally, Bombers had the same level of damage as Supporters. This was back in the day when hunters could not use skills in Fight Club. It was then edited to the same level of damage to Offense hunters to put value in Bombers. However, currently, the use of skills is available in Fight Club, and the value of Bombers have been fully increased. Due to this fact, restoration of Bombers to their original state is necessary because of the overbalance when the bombers fight in front. Demonstrated by 
    offense teams which are formed around Bombers.


    - Bonus Healing Effect with the Same Element
    We are reviewing the effect of 10% increase in recovery when the healer and the subject who receives healing share the same element. Also, when a Supporter uses the skill the same amount of healing is also applied to the healer him/herself (as it is like they received healing from the same element) so their health-restoring also increases that much.


    - Addition of 5★ Fate Stories
    To open the 5★ fate stories, the hunters who are included in the story must be up to level 5★. Because advancing to five-stars costs more materials, it will provide the double amount of the normal fate bonus of 2%.


    - 'Decrease Enemy Defense' Balance Adjustments
    It has been analyzed that the current 'Decrease Enemy Defense' works much stronger than intended. So, there may be adjustments to the overall skill level with other ability buffs and debuffs for balance.


    <Individual Hunter Edits>
    - Captain 
    Reviewing Captain's 5th skill Armor Penetration (Crying Sword) as 7.5 → 10


    - Gullveig
    Small increase in Gullveig's 1st skill Damage
    Reviewing Gullveig's 5th skill Team's Attacking Speed Effect (Trainer) as 7.5 → 9


    - Bear
    Small increase in Bear's 3rd skill Healing (Mother Nature's Gift)


    <Fight Club Related Edits>
    - Changed the rage from 0 to 1 at the beginning of a match in Fight Club
    - The rage gauge in FC starts at 0 and the fighters can only exchange tapping-attacks until the rage adds up to 3 or above.

      So, a quick-attacker offense hunter can have an advantage at the start of the basic fight. It has been analyzed that when time passes, instead of the user's strategy, the attack power tends to matter more, so we are going to fix this issue.


    - Reducing Maxed Attacking Speed Motion in Fight Club
    Unlike the usual battle situation, in FC can tap-attack, use skills, and switch in a very short amount of time.
    As a result, there is a problem where the display gets confusing and the situation is difficult to understand, due to a large amount of damage or effects display. To mitigate this, we want to slightly reduce the tap-attack speed.

    Given the reduction in damage per time and the reduction in rage, in FC battles, there may be a slight increase in all hunters' damage amount and rage increase per tap.
    We are working to maintain the same playing tempo as possible while minimizing confusion on the screen.


    Thank you.

    • BlackGeneral 2018.03.09 20:17
      Remember when the fight club was just a boring auto 4v4...
    • Fukurama 2018.03.09 20:46
      I REALLY LIKE these changes, looking forward to what teams will come on top after this!
    • BonkersRabbid 2018.03.10 01:43
      Hermes is still gonna be top
    • Fukurama 2018.03.12 01:42
      Well, I hope so, cuz then my Octabae can still pack a punch! `~`
    • ZeroSkyes36 2018.03.09 22:20
      Hmm some of these changes, I feel like it might just end up making stall teams )I.e. a lot of tanks and a strong healer like akasha) almost always be able to win due to the time limit (just a feeling I’m getting)
    • Fukurama 2018.03.09 22:46
      Guess we'll have to see c:
    • Festival 2018.03.10 05:00
      Healer hours! :3
    • LJS 2018.03.10 02:01
      Here come the Dark Ages, Athena and joy will no longer be defeated by Octavia
    • Stoned 2018.03.10 04:51
      Good Hermes dont gets nerfed :) keep up the good work
    • Fukurama 2018.03.10 06:48
      Things aren't that black and white sweety.
    • LonLon 2018.03.10 05:41
      Well looks like the Lantern is going to be extinguished QQ
    • Fornis 2018.03.10 17:14
      bombers got nerf, finaly!
    • Leonmitchelli 2018.03.10 22:37
      >- Bonus Healing Effect with the Same Element

      And we still don't have any ice 3☆ healers... Well, even with the only one ice healer, current meta is Akasha, so there will be just work around her, as choosing Karl Steiner as an offensive.
    • Arzack 2018.03.11 05:11
      My comment on the last point is I agree to reduce attack speed motion in FC. But, instead of buff every other stats to readjust the changes, why not increase the time limit in FC match? It can work as well right?
    • Arzack 2018.03.11 05:24
      Bonus healing from same atribute will be much better if Sunny is presented with her own advancement story and fate story. Sunny is the only decent Ice healer. Inb4, there are only two ice healer yet.
    • 啵啵糖 2018.03.13 17:18
      Such a funny update, they nerf bomber instead hunter.

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