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[Notice] Abyss Extension and First Application of the Balance Modifications   [9]

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    Hi Midgard Captains!


    As we have foreshadowed before the 1st following abyss stages and balance edits will be applied within today!


    <Estimated Appliance Time>
    3:00 PM (GMT+9)
    **If the changes have not been applied after3PM please close the game and go back in again once!


    <Expansion of Current Abyss Stages>
    - Challenging stages 6, 7, 8 will be added to Cryogenic Abyss, Electric Abyss, Volcanic Abyss, and Golden Abyss.


    <Details of Firstly Applied Hunter Balance Edits>
    -  Small Increase in ★1 Hunter's Basic Ability
    - Small Increase in ★2 Hunter's Basic Ability
    Decrease in chances and the damage power of Bomber's fatal blow
    - Increase in Captain's 5th skill Armor Penetration 
    Small increase in Gullveig's 1st skill Damage and 5th skill Special Training Effect
    Small increase in Bear's 3rd skill Healing
    - Addition of 5★ Fate Stories
    **Also, the fate bonuses that didn’t exist with the limited-offer hunters: Santa Girl Rebecca, Halloween Witch Riko, Tyltyl in Wonderland, Experiment #2 Sunny, will have fate bonuses applied to the role bonus. 


    For a more detailed explanation of the balance modifications please refer to the previous notice.
    [Notice] Future Corrections on Balance 



    • Fukurama 2018.03.14 15:30
      stage 8? o_O
    • Matsu-8 2018.03.14 17:19
      What are the rewards now, with the expansion of the abyss? or is it still the same, but spaced out to 8 stages now?
    • Crownedpanda 2018.03.14 17:34
      Soo with abyss now it goes 1-2 gives the same amount the same with 3-4 soo I’m wondering if it will be 5-6 then 7-8 all paired with identical metrons drops just higher difficulty.

      Probably scaling from 3 crystals to 4 ( or higher one can only hope due to difficulty changes )
    • UrielSR 2018.03.14 21:21

      a challenging abyss fot vets and 5 star fates... i cant ask for anything more, ty for this great update.

    • -Smarties- 2018.03.15 11:26
      Just realized the bombers' powers dropped a lot. I just started this game 2 months ago and tried hard to follow the meta by grinding all the time, especially FC so I can trans my Lantern. Now they suddenly nerf the hunters just like that. So what else are they gonna nerf next? I'm losing faith on this game.
    • yoedi 2018.03.15 13:20

      The nerf on bomber is so bad their power dropped a lot my lantern drop 1000 power seems loke waste to raise him

    • Dejavu9 2018.03.15 14:16
      Same with me. Sadly i already up many bomber like lantern, diana, levi, patrone.
      Now bomber got nerfed, any ideas for attack team now ?
    • LizzieJeong 2018.03.16 19:50
      Not sure why so many people are frustrated with the bomber nerf. I don't think a 3 bomber team was ever meant to be meta in the game.
    • LonLon 2018.03.20 07:53
      I know right. It's like replacing an entire defensive line with wide receivers. It should not be able to work

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