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[Notice] Upcoming Update Information   [11]

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    Hello, Natara here.


    Here are the details of this upcoming update v1.3.5.0. 
    Please refer to the information below about the future changes.


    <New Features>
    - Mirage Ruins Open
    A new content is 
    opening in Abyss excavation. What kind of enemies and stories are waiting inside the deep, deep ruins? We hope you look forward to the opening of mirage ruins to find out!


    - Short-cut Feature to Help
    You will be able to check the help page on each menu.


    - Added the feature to move data to external storage in settings

    - Added same hunter sorting function when viewing your hunter list


    <Bug Fixes>
    - Fixed the issue where the app closed
     when using Bluetooth connection
    - Improved Stability


    <Next Update Preview>

    - Addition of Midgard Ice Fishing
    After three weeks of intense meetings inside the development team, we identified what was currently missing in Blustone. That was fishing! Fishing, in reality, requires a lot of money and time. But if you take out your cell phone and go on Blustone, you can go fishing right away!
    Around 2000 different kinds of polar fish!!!...won’t be happening, BUT it will be a place where you can chat freely with other Captains while fishing. 
    What kind of look would this place have? We hope you can all look forward to this!


    - Addition of Batch Advancement
    A convenience feature will be added to upgrade many hunters at once.


    - Addition of Convenience Feature in Special Supplies
    A convenience feature will be added to collect multiple items at once.


    This update is scheduled to take place at the beginning of next week and will be applied after the server maintenance.


    We will be able to inform you again about the server inspection time, through a separate notice at the beginning of next week.

    Thank you.

    • Elmar 2018.04.05 18:30
      Thanks Dev!
    • Metalicana 2018.04.05 19:01
      Nice :)
    • Kirei 2018.04.05 20:39
      Fishing!! You guys are goddamn legends
    • Fukurama 2018.04.05 20:42
    • StarryNight 2018.04.05 21:14
      So not all of the April Fool's Day post was a lie 乁( ˙ ω˙乁) yeeeesssssss
    • UrielSR 2018.04.05 21:44
      chat + fishing?? nice one! also the batch advacement finally!
    • Arzack 2018.04.06 03:19
      next target is Bluestone anime :3
      Currently 43k users download, target is 100k. Looks like it will still be a while to get the manda bonanza.
    • Kappersnapper 2018.04.07 14:12
      Let's hope that there will be something for 50k milestone. :)
    • Maje 2018.04.06 14:41
      Guild or alliance ?
    • -Shiro- 2018.04.07 15:38
    • lemonday 2018.04.07 16:15
      Yessss, I knew that fishing thing wasn’t a joke. Great news! Can’t wait for update.

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