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[Notice] Balance Changes Guide   [20]

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    Hello everyone,


    We will inform you about in-game changes that will be applied in the future. The schedule times and specific digits are not fixed and may change.


    (Applying this week Wednesday)

    - Applying Fair Drop Rates of Rupee Tickets Depending On Fuel Consumption
    Currently, the same drop rate of rupee tickets applied to all stages regardless of fuel consumption. So, targeting the harder stages where it costs more fuel decreased and it was also a problem to dispatch higher stages because it was disadvantageous.
    So from now, the probability to collect rupee tickets will differ depending on the amount of fuel used. In conclusion, the stages with lower fuel cost will have slightly lower rupee tickets probability. 


    <Fight Club Changes>

    (Applying next week) 

    - Reduced the Maximum Number of Challenge Invitations
    After the last update where we increased the amount of Challenge Invitation restoration, people could battle several times at once. Many people said this made them feel pressured to keep playing. So we will the original number from 10 to 6.


    - Challenge Invitation Charging Time Increase
    Currently, 1 charge per 45 minutes will be changed to 1 charge per 80 minutes.


    - Increase of Battle Time
    Increased the fight time to 75 seconds instead of 60 seconds.


    - Improvement of Victory Point Calculation Fairness
    Currently, in Fight Club when the game is forced closed during a battle, it was processed as just cancelling the fight completely, and it didn't minus your victory points. This problem was caused by Fight Club's instability. With this issue, most of it has been fixed, but we will make the following changes to normalize Fight Club again.
    From now, when you are forced quit from Fight Club battle victory points will be deducted as the same as if you had lost. 


    <Hunter Balance Modifications>

    (Applying next week) 


    - Karl Steiner
    Slight increase in attack power.


    - Natalia
    Slight increase in defense and block chance.


    - Bibi
    Slight increase in defense and block chance.


    - Bear
    A significant increase in healing.


    - Edward
    Slight increase in healing and 


    - Dumble
    The effect of his 5th skill is fully reorganized.
    Current: Increase his own damage → Reorganized to: Decrease enemy's block in proportion to enemy's damage


    - Gullveig
    The effect of her 2nd skill will change to the 'Reduce Attack Ability'.
    #Reduce Attack Ability: Reduces enemy damage to an extreme amount and prevents tap attacks.

    Thank you.

    • YallNeedJesus 2018.04.09 11:28
      Wow I was using gull specifically for her second skill... Way to make walls more unstoppable
    • -Triggered- 2018.04.09 13:00
      I do appreciate the extra 15 seconds in fc,but why reduce the max fc tickets when people can just buy more? Feels unnecessary but ig the regeneration time makes sense.. i just hope gull will still be useful after just making her. Her skill seems unique ^^
    • Fukurama 2018.04.09 13:09
      New gull special seems interesting!
    • Soulzed 2018.04.09 13:15
      FC max tic reduction does help. So every morning I dont need to wake up and do like 10 fights in a row, so tiring.
    • Alcaraz 2018.04.09 14:27
      My boy Karl coming out of the closet with the dmg boost. And Gull getting that debuff. Neat.
    • Mittoju 2018.04.09 16:19
    • Lyell 2018.04.09 17:35
      Thanks a lot for the reduced number of challenge invitations! It always took a lot of time to use them all up. Some people might say 'you don't have to use them, if you don't want to' but I have a weak mind: I couldn't let them go to waste.
      I really appreciate the balance between simplicity and complexity in Bluestone in general. It's easy enough that it's not pressuring or too time consuming without getting boring, making it a good game to play for longer. I often deinstall games that force me to use up a lot of my time, because they slowly evolve into annoying burdens. Even though I happily anticipate new stuff coming like the mirage ruins or the equipment feature indicated by the little hut in midgard, I hope it never becomes to overwhelming.
    • Veroscis 2018.04.09 17:42
      Please dont change dumble, he is one of the very few reliable counters for all the ridiculous Hermes flooding the Fight Club.

      Edit: If you absolutely HAVE to nerf Dumble, then nerf Hermes too. There is a reason 9 out of 10 fights there is a Hermes on the opposing team. 1 of those reasons being because he not only lowers your defense, but your block chance too.
    • Fukurama 2018.04.09 18:49
      Everyone, keep in mind that lowering the amount of FC tickets will greatly increase the pressure on the last day of FC. I hope there will be no issues/server downtime as a result of this change in the future.
    • Veroscis 2018.04.10 02:01
      Also reducing the amount of fc invitations would have the opposite effect of what you want to achieve...

      More invitations would be wasted, especially over the course of one's sleep. People that actually complain about there being "too many" invitations, to be frank is more of a personal problem. In addition, it gives others something to do while having a 3-4 hour dispatch out.
    • Lyell 2018.04.14 08:43
      The charging time of the tickets is changing too. Now you get 1 in 45 minutes, so it takes 450minutes till your invitations are full. When changed you will get 1 in 80 minutes means 6×80=480 minures till you reached the limit. So even if you sleep there are not more invitations wasted than before, but less.
    • TinkyWinkey 2018.04.10 23:33
      Reducing the cap to 6 battles tho is gonna mean a huge loss of battle chips to use in the shop. Is there any change gonna be for that? Maybe gaining like 12 chips instead of 10 , i don t know. Or maybe 150 chips winning mandarin tier instead of 100
    • Redlax 2018.04.11 00:13
    • Kaguyo 2018.04.11 01:14
    • Smyley 2018.04.11 01:15
    • Fukurama 2018.04.11 03:40
      *Rekt feminist youtuber here~*
      Bumping posts/comments is against the TOS fyi~☆
    • -Emp- 2018.04.11 23:53
    • Numpok 2018.04.11 23:28
    • Jack_Pyroy 2018.04.11 16:53
      We need more tickets, not less!! More!!!
    • KawaiiTheo 2018.04.13 21:08
      Less tickets means less fight club coins. Lower price of stuff then to make it fair.

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