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[Notice] Jewels Update Notice   [46]

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    Hi! Midgard's Captains!




    *Please, update Blustone from the App Store if your connection is not smooth or if you can't check the Jewel system update. 
    The Jewel system we have noticed last time on the 21st with the equipment system is finally going to be updated! So, we will use this opportunity to give you a detailed guide about the Jewels we did not deliver to you last time. 


    #Jewel System's Characteristic
    - If equipment is something that the hunters inherently had, the Jewels are something completely different and separate from the hunters.
    - You can mount the Jewel that has the ability you want. So, your own hunters will have ability stats different from other hunters. 


    #What are Jewels?
    - A rare type of Metron Crystals. If you mount them on a piece of equipment, the hunter's overall ability will increase.
    - These Jewels are graded in different classes, and the higher their class is, the higher the ability it provides.
    - By design, you can collect Jewels through mining.
    - But you can find them through Hunter Search if you are lucky, and they are also sold at the Market.
    - Grinding the Jewels can further enhance their effectiveness.
    - Wearing multiple Jewels of the same kind can make the Jewels come together to create a powerful synergy effect.


    #Mining Jewels
    - The Hunter Union supports free mining every day.
    - You can select the kind of Jewel you want, and you will mine a random Jewel of that kind.
    - In addition to free mining, you can acquire rarer Jewels by using Manda to mine.
    - Advanced mining will enable you to acquire higher-class Jewels quicker.


    #Grinding Jewels
    - You can use the Jewels as they are but if you grind them, you will increase their effectiveness.
    - You don't need particular materials to grind them, but you need large sums of rupees.
    - The higher the level of your jewel, the more difficult grinding will get in terms of probability.
    - If you fail to grind the Jewels, the rupees you used will be lost, but there are no further ramifications beyond that.


    #Mounting Jewels
    - To activate the true power within the Jewels, you need to mount Jewels to the 
    rabbets in your equipment.
    - There are three types of equipment that have rabbets where the Jewels can be mounted 
    on: Weapons, armor, and accessories.
    - The shape of the Jewels has to match the shape of the 
    rabbet for each piece of equipment you wish to mount with Jewels.

    #Set Effect
    - You can apply the set effect by mounting the same Jewels required.
    - Having the sufficient number of Jewels will activate the effect regardless of where you mount the Jewel.
    - The same set effect is available many times.

    Until now, when upgrading the hunters to their max all the hunters in Blustone reached the same state.

    But, it is now possible to strengthen a hunter in the direction you want through the Jewel system.

    Especially, the combination of each Jewel's ability stats can appear in very diverse ways so in some cases you can show great potential. You can supplement a hunter's weakness or build the hunter's strength by properly utilizing the powerful set effect.


    We look forward to your interest and feedback on the newly added Jewel System.


    Thank you.

    • Archeonic 2018.07.07 17:01
      Hi, i just mined a jewel and earned a mileage, but then after a few minutes the mileage is back to zero. Why is that?
    • Plong 2018.07.07 18:15
      me too.please fix this.
    • Dmeto 2018.07.07 18:25
      Same went to 0
    • shuck 2018.07.07 18:43
      yep happened to me too. is it because of the event?
    • RaynerSin 2018.07.07 22:05
      Yeah I also had that issue, I mined a jewel just before the maintenance dropped and when I restarted the game two hours later, the mileage was reset! And now the event is going on we are losing out on effectively two days worth of normal mileage...devs please give us back the mileage
    • BirdOfHermes 2018.07.22 21:09
      I hope there isn't too many ppl that have spent money on this and just got ripped off!
    • LowKeyMe 2018.07.08 05:58
      Same here please fix this
    • Diversity 2018.07.10 15:31
      Same here. Got daily and mileage reset ;(
    • jellyboy 2018.07.14 21:48
      It happens to me too please fix it :"(
    • CynCycosis 2018.07.15 13:09
    • aznmatt 2018.07.23 15:37
      Same thing happened to me :/
    • PvtSlaps 2018.07.07 18:23
      Oh no... please, PLEASE reconsider the “chance for failure” on polishing jewels. This is exactly the #1 thing everyone hates in Summoners War -type games. Nobody enjoys wasting a seemingly infinite amount of money trying to make progress and getting absolutely nowhere.

      It’s not a good system for any game and it’s been used long enough in other games by now that you’d have to live in a bubble not to have noticed how much the players always resent the devs for doing it.

      To be perfectly clear, before this issue blends with generic p2w grievances, the problem is specifically the amount of wasted effort that comes from RANDOM CHANCE TO FAIL. Nobody, absolutely NOBODY enjoys playing a game that’s designed to take money from them with any chance of giving them NOTHING in return.
    • PvtSlaps 2018.07.07 18:25
      Please don’t make us stare helplessly at the screen as millions of rupees drain slowly to zero and at the end we have nothing to show for it.

      Summoners War is dying, as it should, primarily for this reason.
    • shuck 2018.07.07 18:43
      i agree. its kinda bad, especially with how much that costs and how we have to spend things on other stuff too. its even worse considering you have to modify some equipment twice (which is A LOT of resources already) to even be able to equip something on it in the first place. i was for this update but we have to spend way too many rupees which means the players that spend hundreds into the game will have an even bigger advantage
    • Luna01 2018.07.07 20:08
      Pay to win now, aye? Not surprising
    • moochyes 2018.07.08 01:52
      The chance is pretty severe. I refined my jewel to level 7, it worked until level 5 where I failed 3 times, then failed again at level 6 twice, so I
      spent 27,500 rupees and wasted 12,500 rupees. WAS NOT AMUSED!
    • Jcnightmare10 2018.07.21 01:39
      I totally agree with this i already at level 8 and i wasted so much rupee just to level 8 one gem i have 50000 rupee and i didn't no get my gem to lvl 9
    • BirdOfHermes 2018.07.22 21:10
      Damn right brother!!!! (Or sister!!!!)
    • Fukurama 2018.07.07 21:12
      I like it, finally some stat customization♡♡ :)
    • Lickylime 2018.07.08 02:19
      My millage for the jewels suddenly dropped... And I also noticed that you waste more money the higher you upgrade the jewels the reason being it would be a lot better if the chances where the same as when you just got the jewel to upgrade it just ends up getting frustrating and a waste of time for some.
    • ShadicDou 2018.07.08 09:17
      Hey, all of us have a problem that whenever we mine Jewels, our mileages reset. It's annoying since we have the double mileage event, and we're spending TONS of rupees just to upgrade/polish them. Devs, kindly do something about this.
    • Skimanner 2018.07.08 14:01
      Have they fixed the mileage yet? Not looking to have it reset again with new day
    • Miktor 2018.07.08 16:53
    • Concon88 2018.07.08 23:30
      Same here. No mileage accumulated. What’s going on?
    • Archerxk 2018.07.09 04:47
      Hi, i have problems with the game since the last update "Jewels", the screen of the game was moved down a little bit. the action buttons of the bottom of the screen was hide with this problem.
    • Akkannee 2018.07.09 05:21
      Twice already no jewels no mileages. So frustrating. Please fix it
    • BirdOfHermes 2018.07.22 21:15
      I think visual shower doesn't care about us loyal players anymore. Every new thing they've put into the game in the last while have all been designed to steal our money. I wouldn't be surprised if they did this mileage glitch on purpose. Did Activision buy this game?
    • Skimanner 2018.07.09 15:01
      Its still not fixed even after the compensation? I got jewel like an hour ago right before reset and bar is reset again
    • Xerth 2018.07.10 00:25
      I can only agree with what people already said. While I like the idea to costumize your hunters, the chance to fail while polishing gems is super super annoying. It`s a huge amount of rupees anyways and then to just waste them on nothing is frustrating. Please change this!
      For now I will not continue to polish them and throw out more rupees :/
    • Rodliew 2018.07.10 11:13
      In hunter search, does difficulty level search affect jewel rarity obtainable rate?
    • HeroKing 2018.07.11 16:19
      My jewel mining mileage is not working since the first day mining start! Please do something!
    • VodkaVodkaRum2 2018.07.12 16:31
      Mine milage keeps putting me back to zero....
    • Nemesis1 2018.07.13 03:35
      I have been mining for a few days now and I'm not getting any mileage. It keeps going to zero
    • Utaha 2018.07.15 02:56
      Milage still at zero. Fix this Visual shower!!!
    • articwolf19 2018.07.15 02:59
      My mileage is going back to zero daily,please help me
    • Miktor 2018.07.15 10:09
      Natara made a post about this in the forum.
      Found under the support tab.

      It is a fluke.
      The only way you should be getting mileage is if you pay Manda.
      That is why it is going back to zero with the free daily draw, you're not supposed to have mileage.
      The next update should fix the flaw.
    • Utaha 2018.07.15 11:53
      Thanks for this. Didn't realize. Guess cash is king and we just have to wait :o
    • Niradrial 2018.07.16 05:55
      May i have one of the rarest attack gems i promot your game on face book and alot have joined the game includeing paying members
    • Natara 2018.07.16 12:55
      Hello people who are worried about the mileage not accumulating, please refer to this link → http://bs.visualshower.com/help_desk_en/895516
      Thank you!
    • BirdOfHermes 2018.07.22 21:07
      So now compensation for the missed mileage?
    • CynCycosis 2018.07.19 19:55
      So it'll hold the first mileage marker but any after that just disappears immediately. Please help.
    • Flakys 2018.07.21 02:56
      My mileage keeps resetting :(
    • Fraudd 2018.07.25 10:29
    • Mystrafv 2018.07.30 04:44
      Jewel mileage continues to be reset to zero. Please fix.
    • BeckHen 2018.07.30 12:00
      I got a question can we change our email? If we can how because I got to change it.
    • Kingx33765 2018.07.31 13:03

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