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[Notice] Update Related Issues   [8]

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    Hello, it's Natara.


    Since this recent update many users have reported us their inconveniences from issues that happened during the weekend.


    First, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by our fault, and we will be happy to provide you with details about the major issues that we have identified and their fix schedule.


    # Not being able to collect your reward normally after clearing a friend's Unique Search in extreme mode


    We have confirmed that users were not able to get rewards normally other than rupees when clearing a friend's Unique Search on 'extreme' mode which was newly added with the recent update. The current issue has been fixed and you will be able to normally get your rewards.

    # Cannot see a part of the screen normally and the touch is not registering in the right place 


    Some users have reported to us that the game screen seems to look as if it has shifted down and that the touch is not registering properly. We are currently working on this issue internally, and once we have found the exact cause, we will make sure to proceed with the fixing process immediately. 


    # Error in displaying the text in special supply from Daily Manda Package

    Users have also informed us that the text on the Manda supply, that is given from the Daily Manda Package, was not displaying properly. Currently, the fixing process has been completed so that the text is normally outputting.


    # Grinding 1 Jewel even though you used grind 10 times
    Some users, during their Jewel grinding process, have said that even though they selected the option to grind Jewels 10x, it was 
    ground only once. The current system with Jewel grinding is that it is set to stop when you succeed. So, during the process of grinding the Jewel 10 times, it will stop grinding once the Jewel has been successfully ground.

    For example, you have tried to grind it 10 times but if you successfully grind it on your third time then grinding the Jewel immediately stops, and only 3 times worth of rupees would be spent.


    # Elite Requests not appearing in Search


    Many users have asked if Elite Requests are excluded as a reward from Searches. It seems like many users have asked us because the Elite Request image is missing in the Search's rewards icon list.
    The only reward that has been excluded in Search is the Evaluation Request, 
    not Elite Request. What has changed is that the drop rates that the Evaluation Request had in the past is applied to Jewels.

    Currently, you can still get Elite Requests in Search and to cause less confusion to users we will put in Elite Requests in the item reward list instead of skill materials.


    # Some hunters' skill not working

    After this update, we have confirmed that some hunters' skills were not functioning properly.


    Below are the current hunters with skill application issues we have confirmed.
    - Beckhen, Natalia, Bibi, Papillon, Bear, Bright 

    We are currently aware of the cause of the issue, but an update is necessary to resolve this problem. So, we plan to apply the fixed update either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

    However, please note that iOS update will be available a day later than Android due to iOS's examination.

    We will do our best to fix the issues that are left as soon as possible and note that some issues have been resolved and we are working on the issues above that has been identified.


    However, it seems that many users have faced inconvenience because of the above problems during the weekend since the update on Saturday. So, we want to give the following compensation for all.


    <Compensation Content>
    - 300 Fuel
    - 2,000 Fight Chips
    - 50,000 Rupees

    Again, we apologize for causing you inconvenience due to errors that happened over the weekend, and we will do our best to provide better service in the future. 

    Thank you.

    • Fukurama 2018.07.09 15:30
      Very nice! Can't wait for the issues to be fixed again! Thank you for taking the time to fill everyone in
    • Lustaria 2018.07.09 15:42
      Thank you for your continued hard work to fix things!
    • Baggins 2018.07.09 15:54
    • RaynerSin 2018.07.09 15:59
      Thank you for the update, however what about the issue of the mining mileage? Many people are facing the issue where the mileage meter doesn't seem to be working, and it's the third day of the the double mileage event already.
      Additionally, personally I do feel that we still need a good source of evaluation requests. Can it share half the chances of dropping with the low tier jewels instead of totally being replaced by them?
    • nanto_no_rei 2018.07.09 16:02
      Thank-you for all your hard work. Looking forward to the update.
    • ZeroSkyes36 2018.07.09 18:04
      Note: I believe the hunters’ skills not working is happening to the passive of all hunters, not too sure but whenever I proc’d Vincent’s skill against beckhen in fc while Vincent only had 16 armor penetration from his passive he did a constant 911 damage, afterwards when I tried upgrading to 18 armor penetration I figured it was meant to change due to the stat description mentioning that it only works on skills but the skill damage remained the same at 911, I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, I was doing this as an experiment to see how useful the armor penetration jewels would be but now I can’t test anymore as I don’t even know if it’s working properly or not
    • Miktor 2018.07.09 19:08
      I just did all 12 of the 2* ruins and did not get a single elite scroll.
      I got jewels, skill materials and hunter traces only.

      Granted it could just be my luck today.

      Jewel Mileage is still not working for sure though.
      Thank you VS for trying to squash these bugs as soon as you can.
    • Miktor 2018.07.10 01:58
      1421 fixed the Beckhen issue.
      Thank You.

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