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[Notice] v1.0.8.0 Patch Notes (Edited)   [16]

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    Hiya! :)

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    Hello, everyone!


    The Excavation Association and Weekly dungeons that were planned to be included in version will be pushed to due to the size of the update.


    We've improved gameplay by applying new features and fixing bugs in version


    < New Features >

    - New player attendance rewards added (The new Captain event will be deleted.)

    - Add attendance menu to daily assignments

    - Change daily assignment store purchases from 3 to 1

    - Guest login function added

    - Hunter Supply Station attendance page design improved and modified

    - "See More" feature added to the Special Supplies section when there are too many supplies

    - 2-, 3-star hunter recruitment requests and 3-star hunter recruitment requests added (These items will be rewarded as a rare item during events.)

    - Push notification added when fuel is charged, auto-combat is complete, and supplies are available

    - Push notification ON/OFF feature added in Settings

    - Item origins (where they're found) function added

    - "Like" function added

    - Gym, Fight Club battle BGM changed

    - Veteran fuel supply slightly increased


    < Bug Fixes >

    - Improper input phenomena when autocorrect enabled on iPhones improved

    - Changing text lines layout improved

    - Cropped images when scrolling left or right fixed

    - Background blur not applied in the Hunter Supply Station fixed

    - Auto-combat dial button changed for easier number adjustment

    - Alarm when there are unread messages in the post office added



    We have made adjustments in regards to the issues arising after the update.

    The additional fixes described below will be applied to Android devices tonight and to iOS devices tomorrow or the day after tomorrow due to Apple's app examinations.

    Furthermore, we have changed all users' check-in assignment as completed due to an issue that prevents users from completing it.


    <Additional Bug Fixes>

    - Today's and tomorrow's check-in reward box overlapping in Daily Assignments in iOS fixed (Applied from August 5th)

    - Overlapping boxes in friend's list fixed

    - Recruitment Request being shown as Manda in the Suspicious Shop fixed

    - Occasionally unresponsive scrolling pages fixed

    - Daily check-in button changed for better functionality



    Thank you for your attention!


    • Moogle 2017.08.03 11:13
      Awesome I see
    • HoZhihui 2017.08.03 11:46
      Hi..i would like to ask when will transcend be out..cant wait for it any longer
    • VSpang 2017.08.03 15:08
      Hi HoZhihui, we apologize we do not have an exact date when transcendence will be out due to balance testings. However, version with the Excavation Association and weekly dungeons will be out next week, so we hope you look forward to our updates.
    • Nexor 2017.08.03 12:58
      Can't check in for today as I did earlier and received the rewards so they are not counting as daily assignment
    • Yang0123 2017.08.03 13:09
      I have signed in before the update, can't claim the daily assignment, please let us claim it, please & thanks.
    • arbee 2017.08.03 13:11
      Additional Daily Assignment Check-in is basically undoable since I already Checked in before the update.
    • cuma2kiss2 2017.08.03 13:28
      I face the same problem as the previous comment...also would u elaborate on the hunter recruitment request..
    • cuma2kiss2 2017.08.03 15:00
      Okay..now the problem have been fixed..thanks a lot :)
    • VSpang 2017.08.03 15:05
      Hello, the recruitment request refers to additional items added to the game. There will be requests where a 2-star or 3-star will be recruited or requests where a 3-star will be recruited. Hope that makes more sense!
    • cuma2kiss2 2017.08.03 16:09
      This type of request only drops in events right? Ok good cuz dropping it in normal area would be imbalance..thanks for the reply
    • chikorita 2017.08.03 13:38
      Same as the others, I signed in before this new update- unable to claim the daily reward now. Kindly please provide a fix, thanks
    • Yang0123 2017.08.03 13:43
      I got an idea, like other games, once update, let players sign in one more time, if before update already take rewards, then just let players have a check in by no rewards, if haven't done yet, also check in and get the rewards, so rewards won't overlap in 1 day, is it possible to fix it by before today end?
    • VSpang 2017.08.03 15:21
      We have changed all users' check-in assignment as completed due to your issues described above. Thank you for your reports!
    • Yang0123 2017.08.03 17:39
      Thanks VSpang & devs facing and solve our problems. I'm enjoy visual shower game very well.
    • chikorita 2017.08.03 21:45
      Thanks VSpang for addressing and resolving the issue so promptly!
    • XSTAR 2017.08.04 14:07
      That annoying manda bug was the absolute worst. Thank God for patches.

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