[Notice] Blustone 2 Update Note

by Natara posted Nov 16, 2018

Hello, Captains! 

200% Worth Keeping Visual RPG, Blustone’s Natara here.


2018 is almost over, and it’s November already.
How was the year of 2018, Captains?
Some of you may be filled with mixed feelings thinking about all the things that happened this year and getting ready for the next year. But let’s put aside our busy thoughts for a moment now. Because, here comes an amazing news for us all!

Some of you may have noticed already.
What is the 360:00:00 countdown on the Event page and why are the mysterious pictures being added every 3 days?


1 360.jpg



All of them were hinting at the upgrade of Blustone.

Blustone 2 is the upgraded version of current Blustone, therefore you will continue to play with your current account and play data!



1. Newly Added Guild System
2. Newly Added Voice Acting
3. Improved Character Motion
4. Completely Updated Story System
5. Improved Battle Animation Effects  

Now, let’s take a closer look at the new features of Blustone 2!

“Guild” has been newly added. You can form solid friendship with other captains in the guild. 


As many of you may already have felt,
although it is totally acceptable to explore Midgard alone,
it could be much more exciting to accomplish bigger things with other captains.


If you join the guild, you will be able to settle in Midgard quicker and make a stronger team sooner!



A suspicious building has appeared! You must be at least Level 5 to enter the Guild Center.
And if you enter the Guild Center...






The first thing you will see the Guild Lobby where you can join or search for a guild. If you click More Info, you can check the required conditions for each guild which can be very helpful when choosing a guild.




You can create a guild as long as you haven’t joined one already. At first, you can choose the guild name and region freely, but please keep in mind that you will have to pay Manda to change the guild name or region.


Also, you can upload your own guild profile picture instead of using a default emblem image!



You will also receive great benefits if you join a guild.
It’s the Guild Level Bonus!
Guild Level Bonus is truly beneficial!
And there is a way to receive more Guild Level Bonus!


When guild members cooperate and achieve contribution goals, all the guild members will be rewarded, and even higher Level Bonus will be given as well.


However, please note that if you have joined a guild for less than 48 hours, you will be considered as a newbie and will not be eligible for receiving the guild rewards. 


Contribution can be earned by donating rupees to the guild as well as battling in Fight Club.
Also, you will be rewarded with contribution instead of rupees if a member from your guild selects one of your hunters as their partner during the Hunter Search. So, please fight with your guild members!




Lots of Captains enjoy chatting with each other. Therefore, we have added the Guild Chat so that you can communicate with the guild members easily!


Also, many of us are always stressed about “fuel”! When you run out of fuel, try “Request Fuel” in the Guild Chat. You will receive fuel when the guild members grant your request.




The cooldown for Fuel Request resets every midnight, so don’t forget to take care of it!


Only the guild members can join the Guild Chat, and you will be notified about your guild members’ activities such as “Unique Search”, ★3 Hunter Recruit, etc. through the Guild Chat.

Finally, Blustone 2 comes with voice acting!
Enjoy the newly added voices featuring top class voice actors including “Rie Takahashi”!
If many of you like our new voice acting feature, there could be more coming in the future!

“Character Motion” has been added which will bring life to the 2D illustration!


What comes to your mind first when you think about Blustone?
The super unique characters that can only be found in Blustone!
The amazing fancy animation scenes triggered by the cute character skills! 
Smoother and more natural motion effects are crafted by the talented members of VisualShower!


기존1.gif 기존2.gif 스파인1.gif 스파인2.gif 스파인3.gif

▲Denali - Original Animation, Lapis - Using Spine


Many more wonderful effects are on the way!
Please look forward to it!

There is a huge upgrade to the story system’s “Episode” which only contained dialogues originally.




Important parts of our main stories will be revealed such as Captain who has lost the memories of his past, the secret kept by Vincent, and the tragic event caused by the Black Dragon. Also, interesting ‘Story Battle’ and impressive ‘Cut-in Scenes’ will be added as well!






Please look forward to more amazing story episodes which are on the way!

Do you feel the thrill of victory on your screen when you swing your weapon to get rid of monsters?
We are going to add the “Play Effect Improvement” in Blustone 2 for even more vivid and fun battle experience.


For example, new effects that display which skills are being activated will be added.
You will see this effect even when you set skill animation off, therefore helping you to easily see which skills are being activated. 


From now on, you will be able to know what kind of effect is being used, so it will be very helpful for your play!

Furthermore, the new “Alfheimr Server” will be added, and also there will be an all-round changes in the quantity of rewards earned at Stage, Supply, Recruitment Mileage, Jewel Sale, etc.


Please look forward to the additional contents that will be included in our future updates!


1. Skin System
2. League Tournament
3. Improved Dispatch System


※ All contents are subject to change depending on your feedback and game balancing. All screenshots and clips are taken from the test servers, therefore it may not seem identical in the real game.


Thank you.