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[Notice] Rollback Compensation Notice   [56]

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    Hello Captains, Natara is here.


    We are here with the compensation details regarding the “Whac-a-Dawdly-Pow: The Ghost Valley!” event.

    We sincerely thank all of our Captains for waiting patiently regarding the server rollback compensation.


    Besides the server rollback compensation, please note that purchase-related compensation, Fight Club compensation, Guild Blitz compensation, and purchase-related compensation for new users will be supplied as it is stated in the previous notice.


    We have read all of our Captains’ comments and feedback regarding the issue.

    We sincerely apologize for causing such inconvenience when Blustone’s 4th anniversary is just around the corner.


    We will make sure to prevent the same issue from happening again.

    We understand that no words or compensation could completely soothe our Captains’ feelings, but we truly hope that this compensation would convey our sincere apology to our Captains.


    We tried hard to prepare the compensation as abundantly as possible for our Captains.

    Please note that you can receive compensation based on your number of daily attendances within October.


    We hope that this compensation could support our new Captains who had to face the issue as soon as they became Captains.

    We also included Manda, a special pet, and other items for our veteran Captains who showed continuous love for Blustone.


    <Compensation Details>



    <Sorry Pet Image>



    Following Babyloopa, we have designed the Sorry Pet. We’ve been saving this cat design for a special occasion, but we decided to include this special pet with a sorry headband as compensation to express our apology.

    Please note that the Sorry Pet design is still in progress and its quality is planned to be upgraded!

    We hope you’ll look forward to the Sorry Pet, who will become even cuter.


    Once again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience our Captains had to face due to the Dawdly event issue.


    Thank you.


    • Locus1 2021.10.01 06:45
      This really suck I got pretty good stuff from the event and just took it away from me
    • Ex0nt0s 2021.10.01 06:47
      Lmao still casually puts up the october package. What a joke.
      The cat was something anyone could have came up with in 5 mins...
    • Cpt_Phillips 2021.10.01 07:11
      Honestly I don't mind, didn't really lose much anyways.
    • 4tran 2021.10.01 11:19
      Same here, but not sure I can trust them in future events. Even the small amounts of time I did spend I feel completely wasted.
    • BirdOfHermes 2021.10.04 02:03
      I call sus on the like count. Stop clicking your our buttons, it's kinda pathetic!
    • BirdOfHermes 2022.07.14 11:58
      I wonder how many players quit the game after this? I barely want to play anymore. FFBE WOTV is so much more fun, has more content (just over 1 year old) gives more rewards and has more characters than this game ever will. Yes it's made by a bigger company but, VS is doing pretty much NOTHING to help this game!

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