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[Notice] Compensation Schedule on Whac-a-Dawdly-Pow Issue (Modified)   [38]

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    Hello Captains, Natara is here!


    We are here with another notice as many of our Captains were curious about the compensation supply schedule.


    Please note that compensation is currently being supplied.

    However, we sincerely ask for your understanding that it might take some time to complete the supply process as there are numerous items.


    We will work hard so that all of the following items will be supplied by next week.

    We sincerely thank you for your patience.


    - Purchase-Related Compensation

    - Fight Club Compensation

    - Guild Blitz Compensation

    - New Captain Purchase Compensation


    For Captains who made their purchases after making a new account during the issue period, please sign up and contact us through our “Support” page with your previous in-game nickname and purchase receipt(s). We will work hard to assist you with the compensation as quickly as possible.


    Also, please note that the Rollback Attendance Compensation will start on October 1st, evening (UTC+9).


    Once again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

    <Additional Details on the Rollback Attendance Compensation>
    Click the "Sorry Compensation" badge icon in the app and touch the Rollback Attendance Compensation to receive the compensation!





    Thank you.

    • 가상rain 2021.10.01 18:47
      Thanks <3
    • Alexin 2021.10.01 20:06
      Lol. Like the big muck up never happened. *Eyerolls.*
    • BitaxCherry 2021.10.01 21:37
      Thank you :3.
    • Rothar 2021.10.03 20:38
      Did you just thank them for sh*t they served in the name of compensation???
    • 足利陽子 2021.10.01 22:00
      To end everything in a self-talking, what makes you arrogant?
    • LostbeIt 2021.10.01 22:21
      I was hoping for normal rewards, but the miracle did not happen. I am deleting this game. Good luck everyone.
    • DeadStone 2021.10.02 00:13
    • Nazure 2021.10.02 00:51
      by now, do you hate BluStone that much?

      let us know when you decide leaving this game. We will be very happy by then, as less ranting comment we need to see from u anymore. say bye bye & send u farewell gift :))
    • DeadStone 2021.10.02 02:14
      Agree,am.leaving,following your advise,tank you Nazure, have fun doing nothing.
    • Lyfe_of_Sin 2021.10.06 15:13
      People like you are the reason why they can keep putting in 0 effort and continue leeching money off newer and unaware players
    • Hearty 2021.10.02 00:54
      Lol the likes jumped from 32 to 60 then to 122 in a matter of seconds
    • BirdOfHermes 2021.10.06 15:01
      The " S " in VS stands for sus!
    • BamLogos 2021.10.02 01:10
    • Ex0nt0s 2021.10.02 01:14
      What a joke this is.

      Can I ask honestly, do you actually put in effort for the money you are leeching off people?

      I mean, all you have been doing is repeating same events year round and not fixing bugs and crashes etc. So im assuming no time is going into the game.

      Even with the 'new events', whack a mole, blackjack, and a cat... does that actually take time and effort? I feel like anyone can come up with those ideas in minutes. Even whack a mole was a repeat event...
      Honestly, the stinginess is painful to watch. The least you could do is undo your decision to revert people's progress, cause that is just daylight robbery. Greediness usually ends up biting people back, fyi.

      Also it is a bit surprising how the likes suddenly increase in seconds, but I won't say anything about that.
    • BirdOfHermes 2022.02.11 22:05
      I think they clock into work and play other games that actually work right all day and call that a good days work!
    • DeadStone 2021.10.02 01:38
      Why not a 4* TRANS ticket, the reward you can.only catch only one time from blitz....
    • Rothar 2021.10.02 02:41
      A 4* trainer??? Get the fu*K out of here with this pathetic serving of an excuse....
    • Souled-Titan 2021.10.02 04:57
      lol 122 likes
    • AIpha 2021.10.02 05:35
      Apparently we’re hating? I think a lot of us will jump ship. All who side with visual shower that’s fine do so. That said don’t act like we didn’t enjoy the game and want to stay, we very much want to stay but this is completely unfair and isn’t equivalent. Who is to say visual shower won’t turn on you one day? I won’t be here to see it happen but It will happen. This most likely will be my last month and then you won’t have to worry about me anymore.
    • Ex0nt0s 2021.10.02 15:00
      Ofc all the people who haven't spent money, who have not invested enough time into the game, and lastly who didn't invest time into the event would say we are hating. I easily spent more than 10hrs on just this event. I had lots of ruppees saved up prior to the event, while waiting for locke. And the compensation rewards, even five days of mirage gives more equipment materials, metrons, ruppees etc. Ofc, those people who are lazy to do mirage would think this is amazing. But objectively speaking, the compensation rewards are so bad. I'm more disappointed with the progress reroll though.
      The reason why VS can keep getting away with all these is because there are some players who simply are forgiving or try too hard to protect for 0 effort going into the game.
    • KaiReborn 2021.10.02 17:19
      This ain't it at all. I haven't even seen a single person wonder about this "Compensation" (if you can even call it that( schedule. I've seen people wanting what you took back. A lot of people, and for the minority who are fine with this then you're clearly delusional and are just riding this game hard. Probably a whale as well. This is definitely pathetic on VS.
    • Souled-Titan 2021.10.03 08:09
      Fun fact, it's free to play users like Nazure or BitaxCherry who support VS's stingy moves. XD
    • Ex0nt0s 2021.10.03 15:15
      Yea LOL, they probably don't spend time or money on the game so something like this is amazing for them.
    • BirdOfHermes 2021.10.04 01:43
      They arent free to play.
    • Lyfe_of_Sin 2021.10.04 02:23
      Yes but look at their roster, it doesn't show someone who has actually put in effort into the game. Its weak for whatever level they are at.
    • BirdOfHermes 2022.02.11 22:09
      Nazure only comes on here to defend vs
    • BamLogos 2021.10.03 01:34
      Your compensation doesn't come close to the progress made during the event.

    • 4tran 2021.10.05 07:29
      You realize they screwed everyone over _just_ to deny you that progress? They're not giving it back. It's the _reason_ for this entire mess.
    • Lyfe_of_Sin 2021.10.03 02:25
      Too tired of VS alr. Just three words,
      Stingy Pathetic Lazy
    • BirdOfHermes 2021.10.04 01:37
      124 likes. Yeah right it's the shills Spamming like button
    • 4tran 2021.10.05 07:31
      You know they control this forum, right? It's trivial to make a number bigger.
    • BirdOfHermes 2021.10.06 15:07
      Nope, this is vs we're talking about. If they tried that the whole forum would crash.
    • papapou 2021.10.08 23:17
      VS event is tricky.....seam.to have a hidden clock that reset at your claiming....meaning you have to wait 24hour from your preview click to be able to claim the next reward.
      Totaly unfair...i already losted one day cause of that screwing issu.....
    • Nazure 2021.10.09 20:31
      how far you are at now? as me, im on attendance day 7, it will be day 8 moments later.
    • BirdOfHermes 2022.02.11 21:58
      That's how time works.
    • BamLogos 2021.10.09 14:02
      This shit is so SAD
    • AIpha 2021.10.11 21:02
      Just curious if rupess was a big problem why not just give all our rewards back and remove the coins?
    • BirdOfHermes 2022.02.11 21:57
      Because they dont care at all about how much time and effort ALOT of people put into that event. They just didnt want us to be rewarded generously like that with ANY of their events. It's just yet another way for people to spend money and free manda

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