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[Notice] Prior Notice on Server Merge (Completed / Additional Information)   [10]

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    ※ The Guild Blitz Auto Participation will be removed after the server merge. Please note that you need to click on the Auto Participation button once again in order to automatically participate in the Guild Blitz.


    ※ Please note that currently, server merge and maintenance have been completed.


    ※ Please note that the previous Fight Club Ranking will not be displayed normally right after the server merge.

    The ranking will be displayed normally after the end of this season.



    Hello, Captains.

    We sincerely thank you for enjoying Blustone!


    Recently, there have been reports of sudden environmental changes across different regions of Blustone.


    The places are becoming too inhospitable for the hunters to survive…

    Therefore, a large-scale relocation plan for the capital city has been decided for our Captains to enjoy their hunter lives in a more comfortable environment.


    Below are the details of the capital city relocation plan.


    <Server Merge and Maintenance Period>

    March 8th (Tuesday) 10th (Thursday) 10:00 - 16:00 (UTC+9) (about 6 hours)

    ※ There is a possibility that the schedule might change depending on the situation. We will make sure to announce any changes through this notice.


    <Additional Notes>

    ※ Please note that the maintenance might end earlier than planned.


    ※ Upon completion of the maintenance, the word “completed” will be added to the title of this notice.


    ※ Please note that the Fight Club season and Guild Blitz that takes place right before the server merging will end normally on Sunday, and a new season will not start until the server merge has been completed.

    ** Please note that currently, Fight Club and Guild Blitz are temporarily closed for server merge. (March 7th)


    <Merged Servers>

    Midgard + Alfheimr + Jotunheim ⇒ Niflheim

    ※ The original 3 servers will be merged into one.



    Please note that changes on the following systems will occur after the servers have been merged.

    - Fight Club Ranking

    - Guild Blitz Ranking

    - Guilds that participate in the Infinite Guild Blitz


    ※ Please note that other than the above-stated changes, there will not be any changes on your currently owned goods, characters, clear record, or names including guild names and nicknames. It will be preserved throughout the server merge.


    <Additional Notes after Server Merge>

    - Please note that Fight Club and Guild Blitz rankings will be recalculated according to your current points.


    As the server merging may cause inconvenience to our Captains through environmental changes, we will work harder to provide our Captains with a more stable and pleasant environment. We hope our Captains will continue to enjoy Blustone!


    Thank you.


    • Jng 2022.02.22 17:39

      people have been receiving too much manda & fight club chips, so we're merging servers in order to vastly reduce the amount of rewards players receive.

      & that's right, instead of bringing actual new content, we've decided to give no new content + a bonus: less rewards.

    • Livette 2022.02.22 19:33
      The strongest Jotunheim players cannot compare to the weakest ones in Midgard. You just want to magically ignore the 4 years gap out of nowhere?

      Compared to those veterans, people like Exontos, Ayumei or me, whom are the supposed Jotun's best, we have no absolute chance even on optimal conditions... And you plan on completely ruining all the existant newcomers and those yet to come?

      I fear for the future of this game. In fact, we should all fear for how far your stupidity has gotten to.
    • Muskrat 2022.02.22 20:36
      In all honesty, this is not happening because anyone wanted it. This is about survival for Blustone and survival for VS. We (mostly) want this game to still be here in another year.

      Competition breeds whales. God, what am I saying?! Exploiting people is sin.
    • Livette 2022.02.22 23:15
      If surviving means just feeding the strong/active people to top 5 Midgard while the rest of guilds die, then let's enjoy it...

      RIP FC too.
    • Muskrat 2022.02.22 20:28
      What could possibly go wrong!
    • AIpha 2022.02.22 22:04
      I mean guild repopulate and then get carried? Idk this is them trying to downsize but also destroy the player base? This ain’t new tbh however The Catastrophic nightmare that will induce the entire player base will be hilarious and pretty upsetting.
    • RaythLuiz 2022.02.24 11:09
      "The places are becoming too inhospitable for the hunters to survive..."

      Hmm, I wonder whose fault is that.
    • Ryuichiツ 2022.03.05 09:46
      Are they still alive? hahaha
    • Jng 2022.03.08 10:50
      okay so maintenance has now moved to thursday, are we going to lose a week worth of FC/blitz rewards? will there be compensation?
    • BirdOfHermes 2022.03.09 08:59
      Nope, they dont do that anymore because they dont care about how many times they screw us over every month!

      They dont care about the bugs, constant freezes and crashes, they dont care about cheating in fc. They just want the people that were on the other servers to feel like they need to spend money to do better in fc!

      I'm gonna go play a game that hasn't done any of those things in over a year.

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