[Notice] New Hunter Joy Preview!

by VSpang posted Nov 02, 2017


Hello, everyone!


A real new hunter after Nature's Gift, Bear, will join us on November 3rd.

This time it’s a helper that supports the team.



Walking Infirmary, Joy

"Oh my... are you hurt? But don’t worry. If you promise to stay still, I’ll heal you up in no time."


Joy is Midgard’s representative nurse. It’s likely that there are many others with her level of skills but only she can show off her skills anywhere, anytime.


Apparent by her nickname “Walking Infirmary,” Joy is the only one that is able to heal wherever, whether it be the fiery abyss, snowy snowfields, or a valley full of monsters.


But despite her cute appearance, she scares her teammates due to her relentless healing methods. However, this fear also causes teammates to attack stronger than usual, so many Midgard Captains are looking forward to recruiting Joy.


<Appearance Date>

November 3rd after maintenance


Thank you for your interest!