[News] New hunters arrive in Midgard!

by VSpang posted May 31, 2017

Hello, Captains of Midgard!


We are proud to present the road to new regions have been built! But don't forget about the new hunters to look for within the new regions! Here are some information regarding about what could be your new offensive and defensive members of your team.



New Proficient Hunter! Elite Messenger: Hermes

"Speed isn't everything. Make every one of your strikes count!"


Hermes is an elite messenger who travels to places where Pandahawk dares not go. He was one of the most important figures to have fought in the final battle with the Black Dragon, but he has suddenly disappeared after the battle to become an elite messenger. As a dual-wielding swordsman, he is able to attack quicker than most hunters.



New Experienced Hunter! Living the Hard-Knock Life: Rico

" What, is it over already? Call me out when you've got some proper enemies for me to fight."


Riko used to be second-in-command of a famous raid group from Midgard Snowfields before becoming a hunter. She freely uses her claws to slash enemies. Thanks to living a rough life, Riko has naturally gained a tough skin and is a natural survivalist. Rebecca has always been aggressive towards her since Riko's raiding days and the two have been arch enemies since then.



Thank you for your interest towards our new hunters!