[Notice] Akasha’s Ruins Issue Compensation Information

by Natara posted Mar 07, 2018

Hello everyone.


We have discovered that there was a problem when playing Akasha’s rare ruins. When playing in medium or hard level the game crashed. The following error is now fixed. But, if you are still having this trouble then close the game once and please restart the app.


However, we have acknowledged that Akasha ruins, started on March 7 from 00:00 to 09:30 (GMT+9), have caused many users with an inconvenience for 9 hours and 30 minutes. We dearly apologize for causing inconvenience in the game.


In this situation, the problem occurred to all Blustone users and it endured for a long time, so we have decided to compensate all users with the following items.


<Compensation Content>
-10 Akasha’s Traces
-1 Elite Request
-1 Metron Crystal
-5 Fresh Herb


We will make sure to prevent the same problem to reoccur in the future.
Thank you.