[Notice] Fight Club Balance Guide

by Natara posted Mar 26, 2018

Hello, Natara here.


You have sent us many suggestions about last Friday's fight club attacking speed and balance changes during the weekends. We have confirmed that the reduced speed was more than expected, and we would like to guide you about the details of particular hunter balance changes to reduce some misunderstandings. 


1. Hermes Ability Changes
Firstly, Hermes ability did not get reduced but is back to normal. This is because of the previous 
favorite hunter event as Hermes won 1st place, and got 10% bonus ability increase. Hence, the bonus ability effect period has finished just like the announced dates - March 22nd at 18:00 (GMT+9). 


[Event] Who's Your Favorite Hunter?


[Event] Favorite Hunter Results


2. Fight Club's Attack Speed Max Limit and Changes (Applied last week Friday at 17:00 GMT+9)
- Fight Club's attack speed max limit reduced 20%
- Hunter's attacking power increased 10% 
- 16% increase to collect rage through tap attack 
- The starting rage 0 → 1.5 increase
- Applying the same healing when hunters are inside the room (same as being in airships in cruises)


We have reduced the FC attacking speed to reduce external game system server failure (reducing Fight Club crashes) and also to reduce display-wise confusion from multiple number displays of attacks. 
Also, the basic tap-attack-speed has been reduced to ease users from using the same offence-team formation, and increase skill usage.
However, the current Fight Club 
offense team's losing rates and battle play-time is higher than expected, so in the future correction values will be applied.


Same Application (Both teams: Offense and Defense)
- Bombers attacks will be increased slightly


Offense Team Application
- All hunter's attacking power will be strengthened slightly
- Fatal blow's damage amount and probability rates will be increased slightly


The corrections above will bring small changes and might not feel like a huge difference but it will improve the overall Fight Club's convenience as your victory rates will increase and the battle play time will decrease. The following edits will be applied on 27th at 10:00 (GMT+9), and if you restart the app after 10AM it will be applied.

3. About Papillon's Defense Mechanism

Many of you are wondering about Papillon's defense ability. For sure, Papillon has a different defense ability compared to other defense hunters. She can repeatedly rotate her third skill on and off in 2-second intervals (block chance + reducing enemy's damage rates).
When her 3rd skill is maxed, the chance and rates become above 100%. So she becomes immune to damage (same state as Immunity).

On the other hand, when her defense effect skills are gone, she has weaker defense ability than other same grade defense hunters, and it is advantageous to attack with a powerful skill during this timing. Also, you can easily knock down Papillon when using hunters who have the effect to 'Decrease enemy Block Chance' (more effective than using same-grade defense hunters), but using 'Reduced Enemy Defence' is not effective for Papillon. 


4. About Immunity 
The immunity effect time has extended through the last week's balance changes, and so many users have used immunity. To fight against this, the best choice is to use 'Immunity Penetration' and disable enemies immunity to damage for 10 seconds. But we have received several reports saying there are not enough hunters with this skill. 

Regarding this fact, immunity penetration effect will be added to Bomber's skill. But, only a small number of hunters will have a 10-second immunity effect.  Also, stronger bosses that will appear in the future will be able to user immunity penetration. 


Thank you.