[Notice] New Hunter Beckhen Joins!

by Natara posted May 25, 2018

Good day, Captains of Midgard!


We would like to introduce a newcomer hunter to Midgard!


Unlike other regular hunters, Beckhen won't be included in Lottery Mouse recruitment. Beckhen is only available by buying his traces at the Fight Chip store.


Guardian of Fight Club, Beckhen


"Cluck- Cluck-... Cluuuuuck-... Cluck-! Cluck-! Cluck-!!!"


Beckhen is a white chicken that manages Fight Club. He talks through Jack who is a softie and has an innocent personality, unlike his appearance. It seems that Beckhen uses Jack as his translator, as it appears he cannot speak human language. Beckhen deals with all Fight Club matters, great or small, and for an unknown reason gains a lot of respect from hunters who are Midgard natives. The Lottery Mouse and the new hunters are confused and curious about this.

Rumor has it Beckhen is very wise and knows how to seize his enemy with great power, contrary to his appearance.


For one, Beckhen is smaller than ordinary hunters and has swift movement, so it is harder to hit Beckhen than Papillon. Also, when using his special skill, Jack joins Beckhen, launching into a powerful strike and increased attack speed for a set time. Additionally, by chance, he can stun his enemy and weaken their defensive ability.


But, Beckhen's exhibits his full potential in Fight Club. When battling in Fight Club Beckhen's AP, DP, HP increases 10% and reduces enemy's block chance fundamentally.

Beckhen may look like an ordinary chicken, but he holds a lot of secrets. We hope for your interest in Beckhen the Guardian of Fight Club!