[Notice] Sudden Death and AI Changes Preview

by Natara posted Jul 04, 2018

Hello Midgard Captains!
The Sudden Death mode of Fight Club, we have been continuously teasing about, will finally be applied to version 1.4.2. So, we are going to give you more specific details and will go further in details about the additional action patterns of AI.
First of all, the reason we introduced Sudden Death mode is to reduce the negative feeling of losing the battle, even though your offense team was attacking well, due to the time limit. We also introduced it as our basic intent of Fight Club is for users to check and test each other’s ability and compete. Hence, this is a system that we are introducing to solve the enduring problem and reinforce our initial intent and purpose of Fight Club.
<Game Rule Changes Due to Sudden Death>
- Sudden Death mode applies to Fight Club and Mirage Ruins battles
- After 60 seconds of the battle, it will switch to Sudden Death mode
- The Sudden Death mode will continue for 15 seconds (after the 60 seconds) until the time limit of 75 seconds is up
- When the time limit is over the defense team takes the victory
<Sudden Death Effect>
- The Sudden Death effect is applied to both defense and offense teams
- Both teams’ damage increases approximately 2 times
- The basic amount of rage you acquire increases extremely over time
- The rage accumulated from hitting and getting hit or dealing enemies is the same
Basically, the damage amount will increase significantly when Sudden Death mode is on. So, the efficiency of offensive behavior is increased, whereas healing or defensive behavior is greatly reduced. Due to the nature of Blustone's characteristic of not being able to invalidate the damage when being attacked, this results in both defense and offense teams to quickly lose their HP. Due to the increased rage, using special skills will be more active, and the method where the hunters with lowered HP keep switching to endure the battle will be difficult now. As a result, the outcome of victory or defeat is decided instantly. The time-out to decide victory or defeat will be rarer compared to now.
<AI Changes>
When the above Sudden Death mode is applied, the current AI which is set to use recovery skill over attack skill almost unconditionally loses.

To address these problems, we plan to make the AI more aggressive and use attack skills.
The current pattern of AI is set to be used to ensure that healing is the first priority when considering the ally team and the front-line ally’s HP has become lower than a certain point.  As a result, the use of recovery skills is given priority in most combat situations, except at the early start of the battle.
However, with the introduction of the Sudden Death rule, the rule to use attacking skills first will be added. When using a special skill, it will check the enemy’s entire team’s HP. Once it determines that it can inflict enough damage to the opponent, it will use attack skills over recovery skills.
The following AI changes will bring significant changes not only during the Sudden Death period but to the overall combat situation.

<Expected Outcome Due to AI Changes>
- Increase
of skill usage in both offense and defense
Decrease in recovery skill usage
- Reduce 
in overall combat time
- Reduce 
in stability and sustainability for both offense and defense teams
- Increase in defense team's formation with bombers and high damaging hunters 
- Increase in danger when a helper or bomber takes the front-line when the offense/defense hunter HP is too low (used as an auxiliary tanker)
While the overall pattern of AI is not entirely different, if an opponent's front-line hunter continues to have low HP, the AI will almost certainly use its attacking skill and use it with fairly high accuracy. So, when it uses an attack skill, there is a high chance that the AI will take down the opponent.

As a result, helpers or bombers who have weak defense will be more difficult to use as auxiliary tankers, and it is expected that they should be used with caution.
Because of the increased aggressiveness of the AI, the overall battle time is reduced. So, if both the offense and defense do not have a defensive structure, it is expected that victory or defeat will be decided before the Sudden Death mode is activated in most cases.
The Sudden Death rule and AI change have the meaning that the general attacking efficacy will be enhanced. But at the same time, it also requires a defense aspect. As a result, the fact that you still need to create a stronger team that can generate high synergy has not changed. But now you need to test more variety of hunters. And it is expected that defenders or attackers with unique skills, that have relatively received low feedback so far, will be able to show more potential.
We hope for your feedback concerning our balance in the future as well, and please report any bugs or problems immediately to us.
Thank you.