[Notice] ★3 Hunter Search Rotation

by Natara posted Sep 14, 2018


Hello, Midgard Captains!


In our previous notice, we announced that we will update our Hunter Search system so that ★3 Hunter Search will no longer be a two-week two-hunter rotation. Instead, they will be rotated in a fixed manner like ★2 Hunters.


This new system is confirmed and it will be applied at the end of this week’s Hunter Search. Here are the details:


First, from now on, ★3 hunters that appear in the Search will be 12 hunters in total where each hunter has a different element and role. There will be four hunters of each role in each element as the following. They will rotate daily.


Also, on Sundays, you will be able to search for all the Lightning, Fire, and Ice Hunters.


★3 Lightning Hunter Search - available on Monday, Thursday, Sunday
- [Offense] Karl Steiner
- [Defense] Edward
- [Bomber] Gullveig
- [Support] Akasha


★3 Fire Hunter Search - available on Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
- [Offense] Hermes
- [Defense] Athena
- [Bomber] Lantern
- [Support] Joy


★3 Ice Hunter Search - available on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 
- [Offense] Natalia
- [Defense] Nene
- [Bomber] Patrone
- [Support] Therapy


Please note that only the pool of appearing hunters is being changed. The probability of Rare Search and Unique Search stays the same as before.


Thank you.