[Notice] Jewels Update Notice

by Natara posted Jul 07, 2018

Hi! Midgard's Captains!




*Please, update Blustone from the App Store if your connection is not smooth or if you can't check the Jewel system update. 
The Jewel system we have noticed last time on the 21st with the equipment system is finally going to be updated! So, we will use this opportunity to give you a detailed guide about the Jewels we did not deliver to you last time. 


#Jewel System's Characteristic
- If equipment is something that the hunters inherently had, the Jewels are something completely different and separate from the hunters.
- You can mount the Jewel that has the ability you want. So, your own hunters will have ability stats different from other hunters. 


#What are Jewels?
- A rare type of Metron Crystals. If you mount them on a piece of equipment, the hunter's overall ability will increase.
- These Jewels are graded in different classes, and the higher their class is, the higher the ability it provides.
- By design, you can collect Jewels through mining.
- But you can find them through Hunter Search if you are lucky, and they are also sold at the Market.
- Grinding the Jewels can further enhance their effectiveness.
- Wearing multiple Jewels of the same kind can make the Jewels come together to create a powerful synergy effect.


#Mining Jewels
- The Hunter Union supports free mining every day.
- You can select the kind of Jewel you want, and you will mine a random Jewel of that kind.
- In addition to free mining, you can acquire rarer Jewels by using Manda to mine.
- Advanced mining will enable you to acquire higher-class Jewels quicker.


#Grinding Jewels
- You can use the Jewels as they are but if you grind them, you will increase their effectiveness.
- You don't need particular materials to grind them, but you need large sums of rupees.
- The higher the level of your jewel, the more difficult grinding will get in terms of probability.
- If you fail to grind the Jewels, the rupees you used will be lost, but there are no further ramifications beyond that.


#Mounting Jewels
- To activate the true power within the Jewels, you need to mount Jewels to the 
rabbets in your equipment.
- There are three types of equipment that have rabbets where the Jewels can be mounted 
on: Weapons, armor, and accessories.
- The shape of the Jewels has to match the shape of the 
rabbet for each piece of equipment you wish to mount with Jewels.

#Set Effect
- You can apply the set effect by mounting the same Jewels required.
- Having the sufficient number of Jewels will activate the effect regardless of where you mount the Jewel.
- The same set effect is available many times.

Until now, when upgrading the hunters to their max all the hunters in Blustone reached the same state.

But, it is now possible to strengthen a hunter in the direction you want through the Jewel system.

Especially, the combination of each Jewel's ability stats can appear in very diverse ways so in some cases you can show great potential. You can supplement a hunter's weakness or build the hunter's strength by properly utilizing the powerful set effect.


We look forward to your interest and feedback on the newly added Jewel System.


Thank you.