[Notice] v1.4.4.0 Update Preview (COMPLETE)

by Natara posted Aug 10, 2018

Hello, everyone!

The following are the patch notes for version which is coming soon.

<New Features>
- Adjustment of Dispatch Numbers
To help new Captains grow their hunters faster, the number of times to dispatch for lower veteran ranks will be increased.


- Merging Shops
Estelle's hard work to have the dominant power in Midgard markets has finally come to fruition!

After the update, all individual stores in Blustone are merged into Estelle's market.

- Changed the Design of Dispatch's Slide Bar


- Addition of Automatic Account Creation and Macro Account Protector
A little quiz will be added to Schumann's supply station. It's a simple puzzle to prevent strange Captains who only take supplies without acting as a proper hunter.


<Bug Fixes>
- Fixed the problem where the monster's HP was abnormally low in general searches in extreme difficulty where the boss is a supporter or a bomber


- Fixed the issue of abnormal damage happening in Fight Club's Sudden Death mode


- Fixed the issue of Hunter Union's coordinate hunters listed with abnormally high combat power


- Game stability improvements

Thank you.