[Notice] Update Preview

by Natara posted Nov 12, 2018

Hello, Nata here.
Here are the details of update scheduled for this week.
- Full-screen Responsive
Blustone with full-screen support on new devices as well!
- Improvement on Interface
The Forums section has been re-designed.
New effects are added on Back, Home, and other buttons.
<Bug Fixes>
- Game optimization/ Improved Stability
Fixed the file corruption error while updating the game
Resolved the screen freezing issue due to effect load failure
Improved package popup communication
Fixed the crash issue caused by quickly closing a purchase popup
Fixed the crash issue caused by staying in the shop page while the hour changes
Fixed the issue of trainers taking up dorm space while not showing up in the hunter list
- Other bug fixes
Fixed Block/Report button not working in the Partner Info window
Fixed team level up renewal issue
Fixed Fight Club Last Week Ranking page display error during the calculation
Fixed the issue of menu name incorrectly displaying
Fixed the omission of Equipment icon in the Help menu
* The date of the update can be altered depending on the iOS verification process.
Thank you.