[Notice] Hunter Balance Changes - Edited

by Natara posted Oct 10, 2019



Hello Captains, this is Natara!


Today I’m here to announce some new in-game balance changes to some of the hunters, which will be applied in the near future.


The purpose of these changes is to improve some of the hunters' skills, which were slowly getting outdated over time.

In addition, we think it is time to adjust the hunters' performances that are imbalanced, since some hunters were not performing well while others were performing too well.


You will be able to make more practical use of your hunters with these balance changes.


<Balance Changes Application Schedule>

After October 14th, 2019


<Hunter Balance Changes>


- Enemy Block Chance decrease of the 5th skill → Replaced by an Attack Speed increase



- Maximum damage of 4th skill increased by 15%



- Added temporary Block Chance increase to the 1st skill

- Added increment on temporary Block Damage Decrease to the 4th skill



- Added everlasting Immunity on Critical Damage to the 5th skill

- Changed the interval and duration time on Increased Defense of the 5th skill

 : Once per 4 sec → Once per 3 sec Interval, 1 sec → 2 sec Duration time, 2 times → 3 times Increased Defense



- Removed 15% HP decrease of the 4th skill's effect



- Added enemy Switch impossible to the 4th skill


Captain, Vincent

- 20 → 30 maximum Armor Penetration increase to the 5th skill



- 5th skill now decreases an enemy's Rage Gauge by 0.1 per 1 sec



- Changed 1 sec → 2 sec 2 sec → 1 sec stun time after Force Switch by the 1st skill


- Order of Priority for Beneficial Effects Remove & Harmful Effects Remove

There has been confusion for our Captains while using hunters' skills with an unclear order of priority regarding the Beneficial Effects Remove & Harmful Effects Remove.

To clarify the issue, Beneficial Effects Remove will be applied first. We are constantly discussing ways to organize and improve our system for the future!

: Now, Beneficial Effects Remove will apply in any situation, and it will also be applied to an enemy immune to Harmful Effects.


Please note that the changes might not be applied if your app is not updated to the newest version.


We hope you enjoy your life in Midgard with these new changes!


Thank you.


We sincerely apologize for the confusion caused by the wrong notice regarding Anemone.
Anemone's balance change notice has been fixed. We sincerely thank you, Captains, for the report.