[Notice] Blustone Update Schedule Preview

by Natara posted Jul 03, 2020


Hello, Captains of Midgard!


The development team has started to develop the next version - - followed by the update that will take place this week. We are here to give you a preview on the next Blustone update as we have organized the main content.


<Expected Update Date>

- End of July


<Main Update Content>

- Application of Infinite Guild Blitz for the top 4 Guilds

- Addition of Automatic Guild Blitz participation

- Addition of "Skill and Hunter Details" pop-up


<Growth Balance Modification>

- You don't have to make your hunters to 3 or above to use them as fodder for transcendence anymore

- Number of 4 hunters required for 5 advancement reduced from 4 > 3


Please note that the issues that could not be handled from the update will be included in the next version. We sincerely ask for your patience as the development is ongoing.


Thank you.