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[Notice] Update Information   [8]

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    Hello, I’m Natara.


    Here are the details of upcoming changes in v1.3.6.0.


    <New Features>
    - Addition of Advance All 
    A feature will be added to Hunter Gym to advance multiple hunters at once.
    When the hunter’s level is above 7, you can use a 
    separate advancing button on the hunter training page. Please keep in mind that the advance all function is only for hunters who have never been strengthened or trained!


    - Addition of Tooltips
    A brief description will be added when you click on roles, elements, skills etc. 
    Please note that will be gradually adding descriptions to other things as well for 
    a detailed view. 


    - Design Change of Mirage Ruins
    Mirage Ruins will be redesigned to look more like its name.


    - Addition of Mirage Ruins Help Page
    You can now find help on the Mirage Ruins main page.


    - Mirage Ruins Countdown
    Displaying the time left until re-entrance.


    - Profile display of the upper-rankers of previous week’s FC league.


    - Mirage Ruins Level of Difficulty Modification

    User's progress in the early stages the level of difficulty will decrease, and the higher stages the level of difficulty will increase.


    <Bug Improvements>

    - Fixed issues of Fight Club ranking list not updating well


    - Improved game stability


    <Upcoming Update Preview>

    - Addition of Midgard’s Ice Fishing
    Ice fishing is scheduled to open at Midgard.
    It is said that Ice Fishing is quite popular among many hunters who enjoy spending their time leisurely. What will this look like? Please look forward to this!


    - Addition of Special Supply Convenience Function
    You will be able to receive special supplies at once.


    - Sound Improvement
    Many sounds will be upgraded to higher-quality sound, including in-game hits and reinforcement sound effects.

    Thank you.

    • Fukurama 2018.04.19 13:17
      Damn was hoping for ice fishing this week ^_^
      I don't mind the quality of life improvements tho~~
    • Lagslider 2018.04.19 19:56
      Advance all <3
    • -Emp- 2018.04.19 21:01
      Abyss~Searching~Midrage~FC~and upcoming fishing.....it takes too much time, the reason that I choose this game is that it's relaxing and lite, and I don't want to see game become more and more heavy like others CTG game.
    • Lyell 2018.04.20 10:22
    • Elmar 2018.04.20 11:31
      I surprised that now push notifications suddenly working on v.1360 and I'm happy (stock Android 8.1)
    • Enamel 2018.04.21 13:43
      yeah, they fix the bug.. before, android 8 above cant receive push notification.. it is a relief :)
    • aesthetite 2018.04.20 18:10
    • Antrim 2018.04.20 19:22
      Mirage ruins became too hard. With five transcendense 3 hunters with of course maxed skills can't beat any level. My team with 1 damage dealer (Karl Steiner) and 3 bombers and healer is not have enough damage to beat any mirage hunter

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