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[Notice] Balance Related Changes   [25]

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    Hello, this is Natara.

    As we have announced in the notice before, we will explain in specific detail the balance changes and the applying schedule in order to clearly explain our goals and reasons. 
    First, the main goal when we process balance modifications is the game's balance. We believe that maintaining this balance is very important for the game's long-term durability. On a similar note, there are mainly two balances we consider carefully. 


    The first one is the balance between various hunters. Currently, hunters are differentiated by their star-grade, and between hunters of equal grades, there are superiors and inferiors. Basically, it is impossible to not have superior and inferior-grade hunters, but we aim to showcase the expected performance of a hunter according to their initial grade. Therefore, we will continuously be strengthening the hunters we believe are of high grade and are not performing to the full extent of their ability.


    Moreover, we plan to expand the use of lower-grade hunters by adding new content (e.g. Mirage Ruins, Guild Battles etc.). Additionally, the "Upgrade Equipment" function will allow you to increase a hunter's ability to its maximum, depending on the number of items you have invested in.

    However, it is necessary to have diversity in the overall characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of hunters. If all hunters had similar abilities and skills, the game would become boring in the long-term and make all users look the same. Hence, we believe that it is ideal to aim to keep each hunter's individuality and characteristics by having them play their part.


    Therefore, some hunters showcase their true value through their individual strengths. For example, hunters who have slower attack speed than others of the same grade but have valuable distinctive skills (Karl, Dumble), or offensive hunters who have lower attack power but stronger defense (Bibi, Natalia), or a hunter who has outstanding block ability in limited situations, etc. We aim to make use of each characters' individuality while maintaining the specificity of their star-grade as much as possible.


    The second most important balance is the balance between users. We believe that users should be able to get rewarded for what they have worked for, the time and effort they have put in, or the knowledge they have of the game. But, on the other hand, there are beginner-level users and intermediate-level users who need systematic consideration as well. Therefore, upon evaluation, we have decided to change the maximum charge number of Challenge Invitations and the ranking compensation structure of the Fight Club. 


    When we increased the maximum number of Challenge Invitations for the Fight Club and shortened the charging time, some users quickly increased their number of battles, but the overall numbers didn't increase as much. Instead, after 2 weeks, the number of battles was decreasing for some users. This is because, for some users, the amount increases became tiresome and this led to them avoiding Fight Club.  

    Further, this phenomenon was more evident with new users than long-time users. Overall, it was negatively affecting Fight Club's long-term activity. 


    Furthermore, the overall play time per user has increased more than before through the newly added Mirage Ruins (not dispatchable). Basically, the overall gameplay's degree of fatigue and collectable rewards have increased more than before. To balance out everything, we have decided to reduce the numbers of restored Challenge Invitations back to the way it was before. 


    Based on the balancing goals that we have explained above, we will provide you with specific details of the modifications that will be made in the future. 


    #General Game Changes

    - Strengthening the Influence of Elements
    Currently, Blustone's elemental-based damage increase or decrease rates are approximately 20% in PVE and 15% in PVP. This rate is comparatively lower than other games, but we have applied slightly lower numbers because of the fast-paced battle style that Blustone has. Because of this battle style, the values are easily affected, and the control efficiency can increase suddenly. 
    When reviewing the flow of general stages and Fight Club, it seemed that the elements' differentiation was failing, and we believed that elemental influence needed boosting. The rates will first increase to 25% in PVE, then 20% in PVP, each increasing by 5%.


    - Immunity Skill Balance (To be applied beginning April 30th)
    System-wise, the current "Immunity" skill is showing to be highly effective and there are not enough factors to hold this down. Some hunters have "Immunity Penetration" but the current numbers are too limited. As we have previewed before, a lot of the bombers will be able to penetrate the opponent's immunity to damage, as Immunity Penetration is going to be added to their skillset. However, the 10-second-long function stopping an enemy from using the Immunity effect is going to be applied to just a small number of hunters. 
    Additionally, the stronger bosses that will be added henceforth will also be able to use Immunity.  


    - Defense-Oriented Hunters' Efficiency Problem (To be applied beginning April 30th)
    Blustone's hunters' abilities are largely divided into three categories: offense-oriented, defense-oriented, and balance-oriented. If a balance-oriented hunter has the basic ability of its role, then offense-oriented hunters have higher attack power but lower block power, and defense-oriented hunters have higher block power but lower attack power.

    Some users have given low ratings to offensive hunters who are defense-oriented (Bibi, Natalia). But, upon seeing the importance of attack power in the game, we have concluded that increasing block power and decreasing attack power to a 1:1 ratio wasn't the right idea. 
    So in the future, to normalize the situation, the defense-oriented hunters who have been reduced of their attack power will keep their block power, and their attack power will increase slightly. Therefore, the overall stats of these hunters will get a beneficial boost.


    - Persistent Damage Effect Efficiency Problem (To be applied in the future)
    Fight Club has a system where if you kill off one of your opponent's hunters, you instantly collect more rage. So it is important to inflict massive damage to a hunter instantaneously before they switch hunters, and therefore using the Critical Attack function which inflicts immediate massive damage is advantageous. 
    As a result, even though the "Persistent Damage" delivers a large amount of damage in total, it hasn't held as high value as the Critical Attack in PVP. To level this problem, we plan to make its effect stronger. When a hunter is taking Persistent Damage, their healing will be reduced by half. 


    #Fight Club Related Changes 

    - Attack Speed and Rage Collecting Ratio Adjustments (To be applied beginning April 30th)
    It has been determined that the reason the current team formation trend is focused on high attack speed hunters is because a user can quickly collect rage and constantly heal, rather than the high damage synergy effect. 
    This is because the rage in FC is collected through tap attacks. To address this phenomenon, we will reduce the rate of tap attacks in current rage acquisition. Furthermore, currently when you are attacked in FC the rage doesn't increase, but we are currently reviewing the application to increase rage based on how quickly you are hit.


    - Increase in Battle Time (To be applied beginning April 30th)
    We have aimed for teams to quickly kill off their enemies in under 60 seconds, but due to the trend of similar team formation this has led to stable, slow fights. In order to resolve this problem, the fight time will now be 75 seconds instead of 60 seconds (a 15sec. increase).


    - Fairness in Victory Point Calculation (To be applied beginning April 30th)
    Currently, in Fight Club, if the game force closes during a FC battle, it is processed as a cancelled fight, and your victory points have not been deducted. This system was applied due to the high instability of Fight Club. But now that FC is much more stable as most of the issues have been fixed, we would like to restore its fairness by using Fight Club's old calculation methods.
    If you quit the game during a FC battle, it will count as a lost battle and a used Challenge Invitation. Additionally, when you lose in your offense battle, your victory points will be deducted as they used to be before. 


    - Challenge Invitation Charging Reduction (To be applied from early May)
    As we have explained above, the reduction is to take away pressure and to encourage users to use Fight Club. Therefore, we will bring back the original number of 6 Challenge Invitations. Additionally, the current 1 charge per 45 minutes will be changed to 1 charge per 80 minutes.


    - Ranking Compensation Changes (To be applied beginning May 6th)
    Overall, the top-level awards will be reduced slightly, and mid-level awards will be improved. This opens up the possibility for new or intermediate-level users to receive greater rewards, so that more users can find interest in Fight Club. 
    In addition, what made middle and lower-level users feel a big difference in the ranking rewards were the traces. Therefore, Fight Club's ranking rewards will no longer include hunter traces. Instead, we intend to enhance the utilization of Fight Chips and add hunter traces that will only be available at the Fight Chips Shop, e.g. the Mirage Shop with Harley's traces.


    - Introduction of Sudden Death Rule (To be applied in the future)
    When there is only 15 seconds left in battle time, the offensive team and defensive team's attack powers will become 1.25 times stronger, and the rage amount collected will be increased 1.5 times. Both teams' attack abilities will be rapidly strengthened and this will quickly determine who will win or lose. 
    #Individual Hunter Balance Modifications (All to be applied beginning May 30th) 
    - Karl Steiner
    Slight increase in attack power.
    - Natalia
    Slight increase in attack power, defense power, and block chance.
    5th skill – Continuously reduce enemy damage. (40% damage reduction in a maximum duration of 5 seconds) 


    - Bibi
    Slight increase in attack power, defense power, and block chance.
    5th skill – Continuously reduce enemy's block power. (30% defense power reduction in a maximum duration of 5 seconds)
    - Bear
    Significant increase in healing, slight increase in attack power
    - Edward
    Slight increase in HP and attack power.
    4th skill – Increase of skill (Immunity) activation chances
    5th skill – Reduce enemy's critical attack ability → Reduce damage received from enemy


    - Dumble
    The effect of his 5th skill is completely adjusted.
    Current skill: Increase his own damage → Adjusted to: Decrease enemy's block power in proportion to enemy damage
    - Gullveig
    The effect of her 2nd skill will change to 'Reduce Attack Ability'
    #Reduce Attack Ability: Reduces enemy damage by an extreme amount and prevents tap attacks.


    Thank you.

    • ZeroSkyes36 2018.04.30 11:03

      yaaaay now I can aim for the negatives in fc again <3 screw being 1st I wanna be last, honestly for the most part I don't really care much about pvp, I just like pve and currently I'm unable to farm harley traces cuz of the 24h cooldown timer DX I want all the hunters! my locke and sylvester are still waiting for the equipment system too ;-; I'm still working on getting every hunter to 5* as well so much to do, so little rupee tickets, fuel and elite scrolls (for fodder) to help me.

    • Misaki美咲 2018.04.30 14:11 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • Saluko 2018.05.01 11:26
      RNG really does make FC frustrating at times. Cant take FC seriously at all.
    • 西-野 2018.04.30 14:37 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • Mittoju 2018.04.30 15:49
      Fix Dumble more.
    • lemonday 2018.04.30 17:18
      no more hunter traces??

      Let's not pretend it's for balance...it's to make players use manda in the lottery, with those hilarious chances to get 3*... such a disappointement.

      I just want to say, you guys are moving in a wrong direction. The whole point of FC is to get higher, defeat other teams, and get rewards for your places. What's the point of being on top, if you only get chips and manda? Manda is nice, but chips are pretty much useless after level 50... because you spend them only on gold materials, as you've already collected enough pieces for lantern AND akasha's 3* transcendence.
      At least I could be soure that I get Papi as a reward, since I can't get any new hunters via lottery.
    • ZeroSkyes36 2018.05.01 00:20
      It’s so that everyone has a similar chance, giving away hunters for free to the top ranking players just makes the higher rankers stronger and makes it harder for newbies to reach the top, the only issue at this point is the top ranking players can use manda to buy loads of fc tickets and keep their rank at the top so either way it’s gonna be difficult to fix overall cuz the balancing is what will mainly influence fc in the end.
    • LonLon 2018.05.01 04:22
      They did say they would update the shop. As long as they give you enough chips to buy the equivalent amount of traces you would have gotten otherwise, where's the problem? Hopefully they plan to have more traces in the shop then just Lantern and Akasha too.
    • Pleb1 2018.04.30 19:56
      Thats cool and all but how about nerfing some hunters. Some hunters are better than others of there same class.
    • ZeroSkyes36 2018.05.01 00:15
      Because when they nerf hunters people will just not use said hunters and move onto the new “meta” and it’ll be an endless cycle.
    • Enamel 2018.04.30 23:41
      that minus point while u lose, will really decreasing frequency to play fc, especially newbie.. bcos if u lose, your point will be deducted.. ckckck...
    • ZeroSkyes36 2018.05.01 00:14
      Yeah but it’ll also give newbies a better chance of getting a higher rank as they can knock people down by winning battles as well, overall as long as newbies have a good def and not focus only on offense then they won’t lose as much points.
    • Misaki美咲 2018.05.01 01:43
      New players cant build a good offensive and defensive team at the same time. Its hard enough making a good offensive team. People only make a good defensive team after they've made a really strong offensive team. So no, this doesn't help newbies.
    • ZeroSkyes36 2018.05.01 05:12
      People can make a good defensive team before a good offensive team, it’s how I started out cuz of my bad RNG and I was around 1k-2k rankings during then, after I got some good offensive hunters I managed to work my way up to the 200-300 rankings until the fire nation att- I mean until the fc tickets and recharge rate went up, a good defense works as a great offense especially in the mid ranges if there’s a penalty for losing since not everyone will have a great offense build that can beat even a normal stall team, offense teams you need specific hunters, defense teams almost anyone works as long as you can figure out how to stall for long enough. Getting high ranks anyway from the get go the newbies will just get knocked down hard by veterans with better team setups anyway.
    • Misaki美咲 2018.05.01 06:34
      You can't rank up from defending. You also gain more points by winning than by defending, so logically an offensive team gets your farther. Also when it comes to PVE, you can clear all content with one tank. Investing in a full defensive team early on is a bad idea if you care about progression. Stall teams is mostly relevant at high ranking pvp but not so much mid or lower level. A stronger offense will provide a better defense and offense at early and mid levels.
    • Enamel 2018.05.01 17:46
      after trying this new system, i think it is only benefit the veteran players that carefully do the attack.. not just some random one who spend all the tickets bcos they dont want the resource waste.. if u win from def, u got 10 points.. hmm ...
    • Mittoju 2018.05.01 01:26
      Fix dumble, he's like been nerfed. Why not combine the current skill and adjust skill.
    • Deunus 2018.05.01 06:45
      Is Papi weaker than before balance, isn't it? Now she is the weakest 3* hunter. Dumble has strange skills, which are usually change and Nene has no elemental resistance. So, there is no really good ice tanks now?
    • Mittoju 2018.05.01 15:28
      Making the challenge invitation into 6 and making them into 80 mins per invite is a pain in a butt. It will be hard to catch up in rankings. Therefore they would not be encourage because it takes more time to do FC. I like the current development, many players dont do FC because they lack the hunters to fight. The Recruitment in hunter seems to be hard. But if youre lucky enough you can build an attack team for your starter in doing FC.
    • 西-野 2018.05.01 20:27
      Lmfao you guys all asked for this. Don't cry so much now. So funny.
    • ZeroSkyes36 2018.05.01 22:55
      Sorry mate but I didn't ask for this, I'm still waiting on more pve content and the fishing update ;) then again things we don't ask for things like your rude input but that happens a lot as well, everyone makes mistakes, visual shower does too, as long as they fix it, it's fine
    • 西-野 2018.05.02 16:14
      Yeah, you wait because you got no way to propose anything interesting. XD
    • ZeroSkyes36 2018.05.02 21:48
      I don't see you proposing anything interesting xD all I see you doing is complaining about others complaining
    • 西-野 2018.05.03 08:19
      The donkey speaking of ears...
    • RareHunter 2018.05.03 09:12
      Why not make the bleed skill halve (or negate) healing for a few seconds? Since we have Gullveig who can prevent tap attack this gives it a niche to counter healers rather than just boost its damage to make it worth to use.

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