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[Notice] Update Information Preview   [5]

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    Hello, it's Natara!


    This is a notice of the changes coming soon on the update.


    <New Features>

    - Opening of Midgard Ice Fishing  

    You will be able to soon enter the fishing spots by going to the platform asking Lana.

    We hope that it will be a relaxing break for hunters who are worn out from non-stop fighting in the blizzard. 

    Also, keep in mind that the fishing-related assignment will be added to Major Goals.


    - Addition of Mirage Ruins Renewal Check Page

    When re-entering the floor, you will be able to select whether you want to stay on the floor you're on or you want to move.

    It is said that your choice to stay, move up, move down, depends on your cleared stage status. 


    - Addition of Advance All and Fishing Information on Help

    You will be able to check details on using the group advancement feature or fishing through the help page.


    - Changes in Challenge Invitation Charging Time & Maximum

    The maximum Challenge Invitation restoration number will be changed to 6 and will be charged in 80 minutes.

    For more information please check the [Notice] Balance Related Changes


    <Bug Improvements>
    - Fixed the problem with hunter dorm expansion button not clicking 


    - Fixed the problem with the red dot not appearing in attendance checks or special supply


    - Fixed the issue where the bosses' skill gauge (white bar) didn't work the first time only

    - Fixed freezing-relate issues in the game


    - Improving game stability


    <Future Update Preview> 

    - Addition of Upgrade Equipment 

    The 'Upgrade Equipment' related feature will be added.

    It is currently under development, and we will release more information about it soon.


    - Special Supply Convenience Feature

    A feature to collect all supplies at once will be added.


    - Special Supplies Holding Time

    Due to the increased number of users, we have discovered and confirmed that the game slows down when there are too many items in the special supply.

    The items in Special Supply will disappear if it goes over the holding time, so collect your supplies before they expire!


    - Sound Improvement

    Many in-game sound effects will be enhanced to higher quality, including the hitting sound effect and more.



    Thank you.

    • 风流倜傥唐伯虎 2018.05.08 16:26 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • Natara 2018.05.08 17:12 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • Fukurama 2018.05.09 02:34
      Cant wait !!
    • Lyell 2018.05.09 13:31
      Glad the boss skill bar is working again. But how long is the special supply holding time? Should i better collect my tyltyls box fuel before the update? :x
    • Leeoo 2018.05.11 13:01
      For expiration of special supply, when will that start and how will it be indicated?

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