[Notice] Changes to Fight Club and Mirage Ruins

by Natara posted Jun 15, 2018

Hello, this is Natara.


After the update that was applied yesterday, we have confirmed that 'Strange Old Man, Dumble' was inflicting abnormally high damage. 


This happened during the balance adjustments application of AP and HP increase in FC and Mirage Ruins which was the main task of this update. And during this task, a high magnification correction value was applied to Dumble causing the issue.


To explain further, during the process, Dumble's 5th special skill effect: 'Decrease enemy's block power in proportion to the enemy's damage amount' was applied higher than what we have initially expected.


We are currently working on this situation, and we will do our best to complete the restoration of normal values by applying the fixes as soon as we can.


On the other note, many users have given us feedback about this new update 


We have especially received a lot of feedback about Mirage Ruins and Fight Club.


Later today, we will make an additional announcement related to that, so we can give more detailed information to users.


We will be a Blustone that always strives to be better. 


Thank you.