[Notice] Update Info Notice

by Natara posted Jun 20, 2018

Hello, this is Natara.


We will guide you about the details of the changes on v1.4.0.0 this week.


<New Features>
- Addition of Equipment System 
The Equipment System feature will be added allowing you to upgrade each hunter's unique Equipment.
You can use this feature when you go to the Hunter Gym's Train Teammate page. The Equipment Upgrade is only available to hunters that are ★4 or above.
The materials used to upgrade Equipment can be acquired through Mirage Ruins.


- No Same Hunter Appearance in Mirage Ruins
Same hunters will not appear anymore on the same stage in Mirage Ruins.


- Addition of Transcendence Combat Power Stats Display
The layout will change so that you will be able to see the increased combat power once transcending.


- Group Advancement Counted Towards Major Goals 
Now when you use the group advancement feature, it will be counted towards your total of training in Major Goals. 


- Addition of Enemy Retreating Notices in Fight Club
When you defeat an enemy in FC, it will be easier to differentiate whether the enemy has switched a teammate or if it was defeated.


<Bug Improvements>
- Adjustments to Beckhen's touch area


- Fixed the bug where the enemy (AI) could freely switch hunters ignoring the waiting time, on special occasions during Fight Club or Mirage Ruins.

- Deleted the Stimpack Purchase Button on Pre battle Page  
The button to buy Stimpacks will be removed from the battle preparation page. Please note that you can still purchase it during combats if you've run out of them.


- Improved other minor bugs


<Upcoming Update Preview>
- Addition of Equipment Jewels System 
Across Midgard, mysterious Jewels have been discovered.
The Hunter Union is still controlling the information, but they said that more information would be released soon.
You can increase Jewel's effect through grinding them. It is said that you can freely tune the hunter's ability by mounting Jewels on to the hunter's Equipment. 


- Addition of Hunter Release System
You will be able to release hunters you don't need in your team from the Suspicious Shop (Lottery Mouse). Through this, you will be able to trade it for rupees and get various resources needed for hunter growth.


- Addition of Sudden Death System
Just for Fight Club, a Sudden Death rule will be added. The battle becomes more intense in the last few seconds left.
- Addition of SNS Share System  

A SNS sharing feature will be added when clearing a stage, catching a big fish, or your FC ranking.


Thank you.