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[Notice] 2018.07.18 Suggestions Update   [7]

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    Have a good day!

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    Hi everyone, it’s Natara.


    Many users have sent us feedback about Blustone so far.
    In addition to that, some people told us that they wanted to know how the users’ suggestions will be reflected.
    So through this notice, we would like to share how your suggestions will be reflected on the app from now on.


    <Search Related Improvements>
    - The reward+difficulty level does not match with the 
    fuel amount!
    : For an ideal missing hunter search, the overall fuel cost will be adjusted according to the difficulty level and reward. 

    - The rewards given in ★2 extreme searches are too little.
    : In addition to the existing rewards in ★2 hunter search's extreme level, a 4th box that gives you Metron Crystals or Metron Fragments by chance, will be added. 


    <Fishing Related Improvements>
    - Fishing is too hard.
    : The overall difficulty in fishing will be reduced so that more Captains can enjoy fishing.

    - Using the average bait takes too long!
    : The quality of the average baits will be improved and the waiting time (for a bite) will reduce by 30%! 

    <Other Convenience Improvements>
    - There are many inappropriate comments in the hunter ‘Leave a Feedback’ section.
    : As a place where many Captains exchange opinions, intriguing or sexual comments will be cleared up. In the future, we look forward to your cooperation to help us keep a healthy culture in Midgard.


    - I want more friends.
    : The maximum number of friends will be increased from 50 to 70.
    However, this is just a temporary measure, and the maximum number will be readjusted again in the future when the Union system is updated.
    But there will be new Hunter Union associates that are just as good as your friends, so don’t worry!


    The above modifications will be applied today (18th) at 4:00PM (GMT+9). If you see that the modifications are not applying normally, then please close and open the app once after 4:00PM (GMT+9).


    We thank everyone for the various suggestions and opinions based on your interest and love for Blustone.

    We promise to listen to all feedback delivered by users and to gradually improve Blustone. In the future, we will continue to make more opportunities to show you how the suggestions and opinions are being processed.


    We will do our best to provide better service.


    Thank you.

    • Lyell 2018.07.18 16:03
      Awww, more friends! I'm happy*-*
    • Fukurama 2018.07.18 16:24
    • Jng 2018.07.18 16:27
      Should the increase quality of average bait also extend to the quality of hq bait? Cause that makes hq less desirable maybe...
    • BumBumBum 2018.07.18 17:10
      Good to see some much needed fixes. Can the WARNING volume please be reduced along with the FC bell volume? It's a simple request for a major annoyance esp. for those of us playing before bed.

      Also it seems the auto attack sounds have disappeared in the new update.
    • YukitoJine 2018.07.19 00:57
      Please check bibi's fifth skill stat because around skill lvl 42 I notice the effect is decreasing instead of increasing when lvl up. It would be helpful if we can sell multiple jewel at once too.
    • Baekwon 2018.09.07 00:10
      love it
    • Rikez 2018.10.25 19:31
      More free gifts during these holidays .
      Manda is hard to get n not much money threw fights but other than that I wanna see the new building .

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