[Update] Hotfix Modifications

by Natara posted Jul 06, 2020


Hello, Captains of Midgard!


The hotfix modification is planned to take place regarding the Android update, which was updated on July 3rd, as some issues were found. For iOS, version will be updated around tomorrow, and the version will not be applied.


The update schedule for iOS may change depending on its verification process.


<Bug Fixes>

 - The issue where the message "Unauthorized access has been detected..." pops up at the end of the battle and processes as a defeat


<Changes Made>

Ability Limit Value – Upper Limit Modification

- Critical Attack Damage 300% > 400%

- Attack 200% > 300%

- Defense 200% > 300%


Hunter Skill Modification

- Changed Themis's skill damage calculation formula (Restored to the same level as before)

- Increased skill damage by 10% for hunters who ignore Block-Damage Decrease (Genovia, Apollon, Blondie)


<Change Schedule>

- July 6th


We will continue to work hard to enhance your gaming experience in Midgard!


Thank you.