[News] Information on Update

by Natara posted Dec 08, 2017

Hello everyone!


There have been some issues with the latest update regarding our Fight Club.  

Temporarily, there have been problems where during a battle your defense team did not get fate bonuses and/or critical damage bonuses. However, this bug has been fixed.

Considering the damage caused to the defensive teams, we will give you "Challenge Invitation Coupons" in proportion to the number of the defeats during the bug period. 


Also, there was a display error with Manda balances, despite the fact that it was deducted normally when changing your opponent team. This display error has also been fixed.

We apologize for the confusion and will compensate users who have used their Manda to replace their opponent during this bug period. The refund can be collected from your ‘Special Supply.’ 


The items can be collected today. 
Please update Blustone to the latest 
version from the app store. 
We will make every effort to improve our Fight Club quality and smoothness. 


Thank you,