[Notice] v1.1.1.0 Patch Notes

by VSpang posted Aug 23, 2017

Hello, everyone!


Below are the patch notes for version 1.1.1. Please check out what's new and what will be fixed!


<Gameplay Changes>

- Reduce auto-combat time by 40% (Base time of 4 min. > 2 min. 40 sec.)

- Increase rupee rewards in the Golden Abyss by 1.5 times

- Add delay in fever mode when stop tapping

- Change fever mode levels from white to green

- Stop timer when the last enemy is defeated in the Fight Club

- Add area availability in the Hunter Shop and Inventory


<Bug Fixes>

- Fixed hunters unable to gain experience when in excavation while auto-combat is running

- Fixed hunter sporadically disappearing during battle fixed

- Added exception when connection is unstable during Fight Club

- Fixed abnormally long loading times when starting battles

- Fixed game crashing when pausing the game at the end of a battle

- Fixed game crashing when pausing the game during a hunter skill

- Fixed hunters not spawning in battle in the order the player set when a hunter dies

- Defense skill not working correctly fixed

- Game crashing when touching a push notification fixed

- Fight Club challenge invitation displayed as 0 to fight fixed

- Manda acquired being displayed as 0 when in Special Supplies fixed

- Abnormally being moved to the Electric Abyss while playing the earlier levels fixed

- Abnormally being moved to the Golden Abyss fixed

- Fixed 'Explorations Left' button not responding in particular situations in the Excavation Association

- Nene's 4th skill healing displayed improperly fixed

- Fixed battle results page's pop-up appearing at an abnormal time


This update has been uploaded on August 25th.


Thank you for reading!