[Notice] v2.0.4.0 Update Preview

by Natara posted Dec 07, 2018

Hello, this is Natara.


Here are the details of update which is coming soon.


<New Feature>
- Twitter account connection enabled
Now, you can enjoy Blustone 2 with your Twitter account.

<Changes in Game Balance>
- Hunter Skill Effect Changes
Some of the hunters’ skill effects will be changed.


: Hermes, Natalia
4th skill - When activated, enemy Block Chance decrease 35% > 50% max


: Heidi, Octavia
5th skill - Elemental Enhancement increase 25% > 30% max


: Sylvester, Karl Steiner, Santa Clauster, Lily & Lyla
5th skill - Critical Attack Chance 20% > 25% max


: Robin
5th skill - Will also remove harmful effects at the interval of every second


: Captain
2nd skill - Block Chance increase 35% > 50% max
4th skill - When activated, Attack Speed increase 30% > 40% max


: Riko, Dumble
2nd skill - Block Chance increase 35% > 50% max


: Nene, Bear
 4th skill - When activated, they will be immune to harmful effects (for 4 seconds) as well


: Athena
4th skill - When activated, she will prevent the enemy from receiving beneficial effects (for 4 seconds) as well


: Levi
4th skill - Changed to inflicting damage to all enemies


: Sienna, Lantern, Halloween Lantern
5th skill - Critical Attack Chance increase 10% > 15% max


: Apollon
1st skill - When used, he removes the enemy's beneficial effects as well
5th skill - Elemental Enhancement increase 20% > 25% max


 : Tyltyl
4th skill - When activated, the ally in the battlefront receives harmful effect immunity (for 4 seconds) as well


: Therapy
1st skill - When used, she removes harmful effects on the ally in the battlefront as well


* These changes in Game Balance will be applied on December 10th separately from the update.


<Bug Improvement>
- Game Optimization / Stability Improvement
Improved in-game frame rates
Reduced the pause time for skill explanation effect during battle
Fixed the issue of ‘Share with Twitter’ not working properly
Fixed the intermittent issue of join request not being displayed on the list of “On Permission Only” type guild.
Fixed the intermittent issue of a new guild member not being categorized as new
Improved speed and stability for both General and Guild Chat
Improved in-game sound balance
Improved horizontal screen transition speed


- Other Bug Fixes
Fixed the issue of a black square box displaying in the background when entering a battle in Fight Club
Fixed the issue of Fight Chips included in the Fight Club ranking rewards displaying without a ‘0’ at the end
Improved the issue of health bar being obscured when a hunter skill is activated
Fixed the issue of falsely displaying the length limit for a guild name
Fixed the issue of reduced maximum length limit for writing a message
Fixed the issue of adding a new friend in the friend list only after entering the friend list

※ The date of update for iOS may be changed depending on its verification process.

We will strive to provide a better service!


Thank you.