[News] v1.2.0.0 Patch Notes

by Natara posted Dec 01, 2017

Hello everyone, 


Here are the new features coming in version


<New Features>


- Reformed searching for missing hunter system

We have reformed the searching for missing hunter system because there was a high fuel demand compared to a smaller-than-expected reward. This new system will make the missing hunter dungeon discovery much more exciting.

 1. Difficulty added

You can choose the level of difficulty in the missing hunter dungeons. Please note that you will obtain better rewards at a higher difficulty!

  2. 2★ hunter searches

There will be a limit to how many times you can enter a 2★ hunter dungeon now.

However, the number of hunter traces you will obtain will increase and you can earn various rewards other than traces.

  3. Special hunter searches

You will be able to discover the entrance to special hunter dungeons by clearing Expedition Areas. Similar to the system previous to this game version, you will discover the entrance by chance.

You may earn hunter traces along with other rewards in this dungeon.

Unlike the secret dungeon explained below, you cannot share this dungeon with other Captains.

  4. Secret dungeon

For secret dungeons, you can discover this dungeon when clearing the special hunter dungeon and not by clearing Expedition Areas.

It will be a bit tougher to find this dungeon, but rewards include a grand 2★ Request, fitting for the difficulty of finding the secret dungeon.

The discovery of the secret dungeon is shared with other players and grants entry to 10 of the discoverer's friends.


- Changes in the Fight Club matching system

There was an issue of abusing the opponent list renewal to challenge whomever a player wanted.

Now the Fight Club will choose an appropriate opponent for you. Your offensive team setting will have to get more strategic to face your chosen opponent.


- Reformed strength value

The calculation of a hunter's strength will change. Changes are as follows.


 1. Improved loading speed

The loading speed of showing the strength upgrade of your character will be faster than before.

 2. Changed strength values

Due to the new calculation methods, the strength value will decrease about a quarter (1/4) from the current value.

However, the change in numbers is only due to the different calculation. Do not worry as the actual strength of your characters remains in same strength!


- Strengthen hunter collection and fate bonuses

Currently, hunter collection and fate bonuses for hunters are slightly weaker than planned. However, with this patch, these bonuses will be a bit more strengthened. Fate hunters that have been upgraded to 3★ will strengthen their fate abilities at the second stage. Second stage fate abilities will be applied immediately, and some unfinished stories will be added in serial order. Afterwards, when all fate hunters are 5★ their fate abilities will strengthen at the third stage.


- Hunter library and fate mode permanent activation

It's time to apply fate mode to your characters. After the patch update, hunter collecting or hunter upgrading that has been achieved through hunter library or fate mode will be permanent to your account. Note that old data won't be moved to the new update.


- Advanced display after completing dispatch


<Bug fixes>

- Fixed bug where the abyss reset number and total reset number increased together

- Improved black screen appearing during gameplay

- Fixed irregular game shut down when exiting the game

- Network and sound stabilization


<Additional Changes>

- The amount of fuel consumed in the early stages of Abyss trials is decreased.

- The increase in the amount of Mandas necessary per purchase is decreased when purchasing Fuel Coupons, Rupee Tickets, or Challenge Invitation Coupons.

- The Fuel Coupon and the Challenge Invitation Coupon in Hunter Shop will change to 60 fuels and 2 challenge invitations.

- The item refresh price and the price per subsequent refreshes in Estelle's Shop and the Fight Club Shop will increase.

- A skill cooldown time will be applied to offensive and defensive hunters, similar to bombers and helpers.



The new update will be available after the server maintenance.


Thank you for your interest!