[Notice] Information of Weekend Changes

by Natara posted Apr 23, 2018

Hi, Natara here.


After the last Friday's update, we’ve encountered various unexpected problems, which caused inconvenience for normal gameplay.
Hence, we will respond and explain to you about the various issues identified based 
on your reports over the weekends all together in this post. We apologize for the late notice as there were a number of unexpected problems.


#Bug Issues

- The screen froze and the touch effect was not disappearing and accumulating on screen.
- Force closing when defeating the wave’s last enemy using continuous damage (skill).
- During 
a FC battle when the first hunter dies, the next hunter that lined up to the front was not in the right order.
- Order error of boss appearance in the Abyss


The issues above occurred during the game optimization process and were bugs and not intentional changes. The following issues will be fixed back to normal with a hotfix this week.


#Item Acquisition Changes from Ballot Papers (Event Item) 


Currently, there are 3 areas where you can collect ballot papers when clearing: General Stage, Abyss, and Special Search. So we have looked into the compensation of abyss and search compensation basing it on your current reports.
Firstly, even if you have more than 4 item rewards from the abyss compensation, it was displayed normally, and the event item did not affect your normal items (materials).
However, in the case of search ruins, there was a bug where you could not see all of your clearance 
compensation if you had 5 items or more. But, the server has been processing to collect those items normally, and when you close and reopen the game you will see in your inventory that you have your metron fragments or metron crystals.
There was no intention to stop the acquisition of existing items through the addition of event items, and we are notified that the items are normally acquired, although the reward is not displayed correctly in the current search. However, we apologize for any confusion due to errors in the display.


#Critical Attack Damage Changes


Many users have said that the damage of the critical damage is less than before. As you have noticed, it is true that there were modifications on these. However, this is not an intentional downgrade, but a normalization of the figures that were previously applied irregularly high from a bug.
To help you understand more, we'll explain in detail below.


Currently, the calculation of the damage of a critical attack is simple. When a hunter uses a  critical strike, this figure is from a hunter’s basic critical damage multiplied by your percentage of critical damage xx.xx% (special training effects).


The damage of a hunter’s critical attack (hunter’s basic critical attack damage stats + hunter role bonus)
 +  Increased critical attack’s damage from special training effect
 -   Decreased from enemy’s block chance


After checking the calculations, the developers have confirmed that there was an incorrect increase of approx 10%, so this rate has been normalized. Therefore, it applies equally to all characters and enemies, not to a particular hunter or role.

The monsters in Blustone have a block chance of 5%~25% and to help you understand better monsters in rare search ruins in hard level have 19% of block chance. If you do the calculation, you’ll be able to easily see that the current figures are correct. 


We understand that this has caused confusion from just seeing directly of the damage stats during gameplay. We hope you can understand that this has been inevitably reflected first to the game to avoid more confusion of the figures.


#Difficulty of Mirage Ruins


Many users have given us feedback on the recently added new content, and the level of difficulty changes in Mirage Ruins.
The majority of the opinion was that the recent patch made the level of difficulty in the upper levels to be too difficult. So we will explain what the 
developers' aim was.


The Mirage Ruins has a structure that the higher the floor numbers get, the harder it is. Especially, floor 155 is the current hardest level content in Blustone. In other words, that floor is only accessible to those who have grown 1 team (5 members) or more to the maximum limit. 
The hardest level, floor 155 is stage 9, and this stage is created to test a player's team formation and strategy. So, since this floor’s mirage hunters are stronger than your maxed-grown team, having just 1 team may not be enough for your winning strategy. 


But, even though if your team has been defeated, the enemy’s team’s damage is accumulated. So, it is possible to win by fighting several battles continuously (accumulate their damage) instead of battling once. To win, we advise players to think of different strategies than before and make use of creating multiple teams. An example strategy could be, if there was 1 defense mirage hunter, give it plenty of damage, and come back for 2nd battle or 3rd battle team to win the stage. 


The Mirage Ruins, as initially announced in the concept, is the first content that is for a large number of teams rather than a small number of elite teams. Also, similar to this content, more content in the future that is operated for large teams will be added.


But, with the present combination of specific healers and defenders, we have confirmed that the accumulated damage that carries on makes it too difficult. In order to solve this problem, we will decrease the difficulty gap by making stage 9 easier for levels 155 and above. But the lower stages’ (stage 1~8) difficulty will be a little bit harder. If this happens, stage 9 will be less difficult than right now, but the overall difficulty of the remaining stages will increase slightly. 


The balance of Mirage ruins is very important and carefully looked into from our side. At present, we analyze the play data of users and use this to develop Blustone. But, as it is still the early stages of the Mirage Ruins update, so that’s why we are seeing big changes like so. VisualShower will take responsibility to make sure this won’t happen again.


Thank you.