[Notice] New Hunter Kain and Introduction Event Preview!

by VSpang posted Jul 28, 2017

Hello, everyone!


We present to you a werewolf-folk Kain, coming soon to Midgard!



 ​​"As long as I'm here, no one can hurt you."


Because most of the snowfields are a lawless area, bodyguards are available for hire. Kain was praised as the best bodyguard and was nicknamed the "Steely Bodyguard." Kain's bodyguarding was near perfect and no assailant could pierce through his defenses.

But one year ago, Kain resigned as a bodyguard and reappeared in Midgard as a hunter. Nobody knows what happened to his last bodyguarding assignment. Kain is normally aloof, but he especially does not talk about this incident.



Kain puts up his strong defenses as a lightning-elemental defensive teammate. His base defenses are high and he has skills that can further increase his defenses. His defenses can be maximized with his skill that weakens enemies' attacks.

His base attacks afflict low damage, but with his high critical attack rate, he can overpower you without warning.


Kain can be found through Elite Requests and will also be included in the "Supreme Hunter! Package" for one week.


< Event Period >

July 31st ~ August 7th


Thank you for your attention towards our new hunter, Kain.