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[Update] Update Preview   [8]

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    Hello, Captains of Midgard!

    Natara is here with some update news!


    Listed below are the details for the upcoming update!




    - Changed the Daily Goals Achievement Condition

    : Added new Daily Goals and adjusted the existing Daily Goals to be completed more easily.


    : Changes in the Daily Goals - Details

    Added "Clear Abyss"

    Added "Clear Mirage Ruins"

    Receive Supplies 2 Times → 1

    Fishing 3 Times → 1

    Challenge 3 Times → 1

    Recruit Hunters 2 Times → 1


    - Added Dispatch Feature in the Abyss


    - Slightly Increased the Enemy Hunter's Skill Cooldown in the Abyss


    - Adjusted the Difference in Ability Stats Between Regular Hunters and Enemy Hunters in the Abyss

    : Enemy hunters in the Abyss sometimes confused players because they had different skill effects or Ability Stats from the hunters that are usually played. (E.g. : The "Bleeding" skill of Hermes).

    : Now, enemy hunters in the Abyss will have the same Ability Stats as general hunters.


    - Added the Current Skill Level Display to the "Train Teammate" Screen

    : Now you can directly check your hunter's current skill level on the "Train Teammate" screen.


    - Changed the Guild Chatting Display Order

    : Now chatting messages and Fuel requests will be displayed in time order.


    - Changed the Design of Server Loading Icon


    ※ The update date for iOS may change depending on the verification process.


    We will continue to do our best to make sure you enjoy your time in Midgard!


    Thank you!


    • Calludus 2019.10.14 18:29
      Is there any chance to bring back old reward like at least GIVING XP FOR HUNTERS on NEW RUINS?
      Please consider we also spend Heliums for that.
      That would be awesome since there are so many hunters to get XP now and not just relying on Long Dispatch time on Cruise Stages.
      If we run out of helium, well we then wait for Cruise Stage Dispatch to return.

      Who's with me in this simple suggestion for the developers? (^^,)
    • PedoBears 2019.10.14 22:00
      Me o(^-^o)
    • AIpha 2019.10.15 08:26
      I’m more in favor of jewel stat swapping. Giving purpose to the old jewels! That or increase inventory space!
    • Kappersnapper 2019.10.16 01:19
      I actually would like a jewel combiner feature to let us combine a select number of jewels into one jewel of the next tier.
    • Ziuxy 2019.10.16 09:23
      I was thinking about this too.
      I agree with a jwl combination, like 3 or 4 of the same tier and type + Rupees = 1 with random stats of the same type but next tier.
    • papapou 2019.10.18 00:11
      Agree ,bring XP fo searchss...XP for mirage also.....bring back friends help for abyss,
    • Ziuxy 2019.10.16 09:32
      I like all those changes, great work!
      I also agree with the suggestion of a jewel combination system and that the hunters get exp from ruins and/or abyss
    • Ehter 2019.10.17 06:44
      Great job guys. Much appreciate of your hard work. tho Im looking foward for the next update date since it aint include in the news.

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