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[Notice] Fight Club Traces Reward   [33]

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    Hiya! :)

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    Hello, everyone!


    The modified Fight Club rewards will be here to stay.

    But, whose traces it will be will change.

    This week (November 26) will be rewarded with Bear’s traces and next week’s Fight Club (December 3) will be rewarded with Patrone’s traces.




    Thank you for reading!

    • Pardis 2017.11.22 12:32
      Gg now I can farm manda consistently! yay...
    • Enheim 2017.11.22 12:51
      Thought u said u were leaving arena?
    • Pardis 2017.11.22 13:35
      Good, you used your reasoning capability for once!
    • Enheim 2017.11.22 19:16
      It’s a shame I can’t say the same for you.. Last I recalled, I got deleted from fl, a message saying “I’m leaving arena, bye”, followed by 2 consecutive weeks of you “taking it easy” . Please kindly educate me on how this “reasoning capability” of mine should apply in this context, thanks.
    • Pardis 2017.11.22 20:07
      You'll find out sometime later!... o nvm I noticed you didn't t10. Maybe next time!
    • Enheim 2017.11.22 20:59
      Pls do feel free to update me anytime on the question u failed to answer. Meanwhile I reckon it’s fair to say as a renegade, hitting both Koreans and English players alike could easily have secured a TOP 10 spot, since unlike us, you ain’t holding back from hitting your fellow English players. Just answer me this tho, I wonder why you aren’t ranked 1 yet? I mean, who are you soaking “fire” for now in the arena? Back then u claimed that we only managed to get our ranks because you soaked the “fire”,, and that’s what you were doing so u can’t be rank 1, cause we held u back. Yknow what, how bout we call off this “truce”? Hit me all you like and can, I’ve had it rough refreshing when I see your name, since yknow, your “firewall” looks so intimidating and alike any other Koreans that I have faced. I wanna give it a shot too, maybe this way u can help me to get TOP 10? Pls? Show me your nice rank 1 thanks.
    • SyanL 2017.11.22 21:10
      And let the game begins
    • Pardis 2017.11.22 21:15
      I can't rank 1 because Afterglow already gets it for me :). Good try though! See ya next arenas!
    • Cyana 2017.11.22 13:00
      Congratulations VS. You completely ruined the Game.
      Ya really think its a good idea to push top players even more? This becomes more than just p2w.
      All we wanted was our Patrone ruin event like srsly give us back our arena scrolls!

      Still luv u pang but they are screwing more than a fkn coffe rabbit...
    • SyanL 2017.11.22 20:18
      I think they didn't want any more ruin events since the last hoo-haa about other servers being more disadvantaged
    • FatherVinh 2017.11.22 13:08
      Nooooooo =( gg
    • MiraiBot 2017.11.22 13:12
      As a player that's not the top few in the arena. I find that this new update makes the system really skewed towards the players who are really up top. What's fun and interesting about this game is that we do not need to spend loads of cash to be at the top few. However, with this new update on hunter traces and mandas would accelerate the players who are already there and widen the gap between those who pay and those who don't. This game have just become a lot more pay to win than playing to win.
    • BlackGeneral 2017.11.22 18:06
      Naa top 50 is easy even for f2p.
    • Pardis 2017.11.22 18:08
      Top 10* FTFY.
    • Jujuツ 2017.11.22 13:24
      I feel like I need to retract my review for the game - Modified Fight Club rewards have done nothing but vastly increase the gap between accessibility for P2W (Pay to Win) and F2P (Free to Play) players. You’re polarizing such a huge aspect of the game to the point that people NEED to pay money to have competitive fun and maintain progress. This is what FC is all about now, a money pool that bars valuable game content from people in a supposedly free game.

      I also don’t think Modified FC rewards are a good decision in the long run because game content is so small (with the game being only a few months old), having a polarized reward distribution would only have money-paying players hit a plateau very quickly. It doesn’t match the rate that you guys release new content - we don’t even have Equipment, Alliances, or Long Term Achievements yet.

      In the case of Patrone or other Rare Hunter Traces, I think VS could gain a much more valuable, consistent, and loyal player base if you provide the opportunity in a Limited Time Trace Event, like you did with Octavia.

      Please keep FC available for everyone, including players like myself.
    • infinitea 2017.11.22 13:51
      I would like to echo on what juju bae said. by doing this yeah you’ll be losing a lot of players.

      Honestly we will wait and see how receptive you guys are from the comments.
    • shvrkboy 2017.11.22 15:21
      >reach top
      >get manda
      >spend manda on arena invitations
      >farm points
      >reach top

      It was cool the first time, but now it’s harder for the new players to compete with the veterans. :(
    • Matsukura 2017.11.22 16:38
      It seems great in concept: once you start breaking 90, you'll start earning the premium currency and traces of a hunter.

      However, it is absolutely flawed due to the amount of veterans there are in the game. With players over level 60 consistently hitting with top 50, they earn much more manda which can be spent to further increase their arsenals, while those below get fewer and fewer rewards. This widens the gap significantly each week between new players and old, encouraging those new to the game to spend money just to keep up, or to quit because they could not catch up.

      The original fight club reward system was better in every way, especially with the pace of new hunter content releases. With the exception of replacing the 3* scroll of the 1st place award for possibly 10-50 Manda, to incentivize both sides.

      As it stands, the new fight club rewards syatem heavily caters to old players, and completely demotivates the new. A reversion to the old system would be very much appreciated, especially when one such as myself is concerned with the longevity of the game as a whole.
    • Malthus 2017.11.22 19:26
      Completely agree with the others who feel this is a very bad move that will promote inequality.
    • WinJ 2017.11.22 19:28
      Its so bad that we have to talk about Economics hmmm...
    • Alaiko 2017.11.22 19:43
      Completely agree with the rest on this one. This is getting a bit ridiculous. I can get it if you want to do this event like once a month or once every 2 months, but every week? This is only gonna benefit the players who already are at the top of the arena. The players who will really need those traces won't be able to get those traces and the manda rewards will just let the strong players get even stronger. I will honestly prefer it if we return to the old arena system.
    • Pardis 2017.11.22 20:12
      People can never be pleased. Arena is just too easy anyways.
    • Matsukura 2017.11.22 23:33
      Can't complain about free manda tho [dark side comes out >:D ]
    • Jujuツ 2017.11.23 08:23
      I find this “too easy” comment ironic. Handing out traces to Top X ranks would only make it more easy for them, no?

      Too easy for you, sure. I can respect your opinion. But I echo Zawraith and BearKing below that I would really like to see FC being enjoyable for players across ALL ranking brackets, levels, & time zones. FC is not an even playing field, but an inverse handicap against people who do not spend would not improve things.

      Unlike you, people are thinking of newer players and players who cannot afford to spend much. People who live in time zones incompatible with the time FC closes at the end of the week. This is supportive feedback if anything.
    • BonkersRabbid 2017.11.23 11:31
      Well for being a F2P player since the beginning, I can very much agree on the fact that this just destroys new players and discourages them form playing FC at all and playing FC at the when starting out can help a lot when collecting early tokens for later use.

      But we have to see this from a different angle as well. They are not perfect and they must take into consideration both pro and new players. They make mistakes but corrects them as well. Now they made a mistake and now they need our guidance, so what i propose is to give traces to everyone. Of course, giving the highest players more traces is an obvious thing to do, if lower players can also get those traces as well but in smaller quantity it should balance somewhat the game. My opinion on it for about 2 month. Feel free to suggest anything you want or to be decline my suggestion completely! :) Always happy to hear better suggestions.
    • SyanL 2017.11.22 20:17
      Honestly dissapointed in this... don't vs understand that there are many players from across the globe who needs to sleep when arena closes? The ones with most ticket will win the arena according to the new fight club rules. Just... ridiculous
    • BearKing 2017.11.22 21:17
      I agree with almost everything that was said above and I want to stress the arena closing time again. Pls i dont want to get up at 3:30 in the morning and hit ppl with barely being able to open my eyes before arena closes at 5AM!
    • Kelvs 2017.11.23 00:28
      Yay!!! Patroneee for SyanL!! ●~●
    • SyanL 2017.11.23 01:39
      Lolll qt pls ♡
    • Zawraith 2017.11.23 03:51
      We really need to reward new players too VS. mayb more rewards for those who played the game actively. Most of my friends are top 50 and they too are complaining about this feature. Which means they still care about the game and how it affect its community as a whole. Mayb u can introduce a new goal system much like the ones u put up for sale but give new players free. Or like what SyanL suggested adding new hunters to ruin. This feature really do boosts the community as a whole. Esp during the Octa event. Ty for ur effort and time. :^)
    • Fapper 2017.11.23 14:13
      I still love you VisualShower. You do you.
    • VSpang 2017.11.23 15:26
      Hello, everyone! Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding our new Fight Club rewards. We are listening to what you have to say and taking in your suggestions as we develop our game. We will make any necessary changes to the rewards with subsequent updates if necessary. Thank you again for letting us know what's on your mind.
    • Rindaman 2017.11.24 01:59
      In conclusion, this will definitely make a gap between players who tend to play as a "Pay to Win" players with the "Free to Play" players. Again, it delivers the amount of players who usually play as a F2P player more weaker and weaker at any moment. Please try to be fair and let Patrone be as a special character that is catgorized as rare and to be obtained by luck as always thank you

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