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v1.0.6.1 Patch Notes   [30]

VSpang    Lv.  14
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    Hiya! :)

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    Hello, everyone!


    The new v1.0.6.1 is finally live! Please keep in mind the following information in your travels.


    < New Features >

    1. Hunter role balances: Please check out "[Notice] Hunter Role Balances Update Schedule" for more information.
    2. Post Office: Clara will be getting to work! You can now send letters to your friends aside from real-time chatting.
    3. Show off your hunter!: You can now share the hunter you've received from an Elite Request on your social network. A small number of rupees will be distributed to you as you share your hunters, so don't be shy and show off! *You can only receive the reward once per day!*
    4. Fight Club BGM Change: The Fight Club background music will be changed to be something a bit more intense.
    5. Push notifications: *NOT YET READY*
    6. Cryogenic Abyss location change: The Cryogenic Abyss will be moved from near North Highlands to near the Black Rock Mountain.


    We apologize for the unexpected delay in the update. We hope you enjoy the new features.


    Thank you!

    • Knuckeldredger 2017.06.27 15:58
      Sweet. We got mail.
    • HoZhihui 2017.06.27 17:24
      Please look into the auto health amount..it didn't not reduced by 30 percent it reduced to 30 percent
    • VSpang 2017.06.28 14:24
      I apologize for my mistake as it should be "reduced to 30%" rather than "reduced by 30%". I'm very sorry for the confusion.
    • Moogle 2017.06.27 18:20
      Sometime auto 10 combat don't work say network error work for 9 below
    • VSpang 2017.06.28 15:12
      There is currently a server error with auto-combat and is undergoing fixes. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    • Maiorem 2017.06.27 23:08
      I tried sharing the Hunter I received to Facebook, but the post isn't showing anything except a link to the game.
    • VSpang 2017.06.28 15:11
      A link to the post to our VisualShower Facebook message would be greatly appreciated to examine the issue. Thank you for your report!
    • Maiorem 2017.06.27 23:09
      I also did not receive any push notifications for when auto combat has finished.
    • avocado 2017.06.28 01:03
      Same problem with the auto combat notification
    • Knuckeldredger 2017.06.28 08:06
    • VSpang 2017.06.28 14:22
      I apologize for misleading you guys; the push notifications are not yet ready. I've edited the notice as to not cause confusion.
    • Nobunaga 2017.06.28 01:26
      Sometimes when autocombat finishes I lose a small amount of the unused fuel.
    • VSpang 2017.06.28 15:11
      There is currently a server error with auto-combat at the moment. Any bugs regarding it should be fixed soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    • Magentan 2017.06.28 04:07
      This update made some of the visiting players' names (and my own for some reason) too thick which makes it hard to read them
    • VSpang 2017.06.28 15:08
      Are you referring to the roaming players in town? Any screenshots regarding the issue would be greatly appreciated at VisualShower's Facebook or cs@visualshower.com. Thank you!
    • Moogle 2017.06.28 07:47
      I also reazlied sometime I can hear clicking fuel sound when I join train and some other room
    • Nexor 2017.06.28 09:20
      ....when is the transcend feature going to come....was is it in this update or next.....if next one....then when is the next update?
    • VSpang 2017.06.28 15:10
      The transcend feature is to come sometime in July. We apologize we can't give you the exact date of its release. Thank you for your patience.
    • Moogle 2017.06.28 14:46
      Auto combat need fix only doe 1-9 can't do 10 say network error and thanks
    • VSpang 2017.06.28 15:09
      This network error issue is currently undergoing a patch. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    • horiphin 2017.06.28 19:58
      My Clara says the mail isn't quite ready and I don't think my fight club has changed music, is it just my one or is it supposed to be like that? It's not a massive problem, just curious
    • Noire 2017.06.28 20:06
      Both works for me (Can send and receive mail with Clara and BGM for fight club has changed).
    • Maiorem 2017.06.29 02:08
      Clara says the post office isn't ready but the BGM at the Fight Club has changed in my game.
    • VSpang 2017.06.29 14:19
      Hi Maiorem, we see that you've properly updated the game, but I am not sure if you've posted this comment before or after your update. Please let us know if your issue persists!
    • Maiorem 2017.06.29 22:06
      Hi, the comment was posted after the update.
    • VSpang 2017.06.30 15:34
      Thank you for your clarification! We'll be looking into this issue and we'll get back to you with any development.
    • Nexor 2017.06.28 20:19
      Have you downloaded the updated version of the app too ...?
    • VSpang 2017.06.29 14:17
      We've taken a look at your account history and it appears that you haven't updated Blustone yet. Please try updating the game through the Google Play Store. Thank you!
    • kohana 2017.06.30 04:26
      Havent been able to cruise since the update
    • VSpang 2017.06.30 15:33
      Hi kohana, we apologize for the inconvenience. We've taken a look at your user history and see that you've been able to auto-combat. Are you not able to clear the areas manually? Does your app crash or is there no response when tapping? We will report this issue as soon as we've received more information. Thank you and we look forward to your reply.

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