[Notice] ‘Captain’s 7-Day Mission!’ Event Bug Reward Notice

by Natara posted Dec 12, 2018

Hello, this is Natara.


First of all, we would like to thank all the captains who have shown interest in the “Captain’s 7-Day Mission” event.


Unfortunately, there has been a problematic issue that we had to fix during the event. The issue has been resolved finally, but the event will end on December 14th which is two days away.


We hoped for a more enjoyable experience, however, the event period given to you seemed to be shorter than we had expected. Therefore, we have decided to send the missing event rewards after the event is over.


When the event ends, we will check every captain who has participated in the event, and we will send all the event rewards that have been problematic as well as the rewards that could be exchanged using the event points. 

<Reward Subject>
Every captain who participated in “Captain’s 7-Day Mission” event


※ The rewards will not be supplied to the captains who have not participated in the event.


<Reward List>
- 100 Manda
- 140 Fuel
- 35,000 rupees
- 5 Fruit-Bearing Herbs
- 5 Scorching Flamestones
- 20 Fresh Herbs
- 10 Burning Flamestones
- 3 Elite Requests
- 5 Evaluation
- 3 Metron Crystals
- 100 Fight Chips
- 200 Mirage Fragments
- 2 ★2 Trainers
- 3 ★3 Trainers


<Reward Supply Period>
The rewards will be sent starting from the end time of the event (14th 23:59 (UTC+9)) until December 18th, 2018 in consecutive order.


We would like to deeply apologize to all the users for the inconvenience and we will work harder to provide a better service.


We will continue to put our best efforts so that your time in Midgard would be more enjoyable!


Thank you.